10 Basketball Anime you need to watch

Are you looking for the best Basketball anime series? I guess your search ends here. Keep reading to find out all the amazing series you need to watch.

Basketball is a great sport with more than 100 years of history. It is not only a sport but also a feeling for millions of people around the world. Seems like you are one of those people and that’s why you are here to find some anime series related to basketball.

Well, If that is the case then you should keep reading. In this blog, we have discussed the best basketball anime series of all time. There is a huge number of anime series related to the sport but we have narrowed it down to the 10 best. 

Basketball Anime

We have given a small description of each series so that you can decide which one you like the most. So let’s start. 

1. Slam Dunk 

Slam Dunk 
Slam Dunk 

Slam Dunk is an Anime adaptive manga series that was released back in the 1990s. It is a comedy and sports anime series. Many anime movies and TV series have been released under this plot. 

The story revolves around a gang leader Hanamichi. The story begins with Hanamichi not being able to impress a single girl because of his gang image. After his 50th rejection, he finally falls in love with a basketball player Haruko. To impress her Hanamichi joins the school’s team and turns out to be a prodigy and a natural athlete. The story gets interesting and he impresses Haruko.

With other interesting incidents happening in between, Slam Dunk is an interesting basketball anime series.

2. Slam Dunk: Shouhoku Saidai no Kiki! Moero Sakuragi Hanamichi 

Shouhoku Saidai no Kiki
Shouhoku Saidai no Kiki

Slam Dunk: Shouhoku Saidai no Kiki! Moero Sakuragi Hanamichi is a sequel to Slam Dunk. The story continues after all the incidents that happened in the first part of the story. Unlike the first part, this part is more focused on the sport along with drama. 

Now, Hanamichi faces hardships when he has to compete with an unknown basketball team Ryoukufu Highs. This new team has the best basketball players in town and continues to win every match they play. Now, they are going to compete with Hanamichi’s team and things are getting interesting. 

This part is more interesting in my opinion. You should watch both parts to have a broader view.

3. Breakers 


Breaker is another great basketball anime. But it is not solely based on basketball. The story of Breakers is about a scientist Ren Narita and other athletes. Breakers have a total of 16 episodes. In these episodes, you will see wheelchair basketball, swimming, High jump, and some other athletic games. You should check it out because millions of people around the world loved the plot and the characters. 

4. Dear Boys 

Dear Boys
Dear Boys 

Dear Boys is a famous award-winning manga series. It later became an anime TV series because of its popularity. Dear Boys is a complete series with a dedicated game.

The story took place in Mizuho High School where there are only 5 basketball players. The coach left the team because of some conflict. Later the boys request the girl’s basketball team coach to help them. The story goes on and they become great basketball players.

Many interesting things happen along the way but for that, you need to watch the series.

5. Buzzer Beater 

Buzzer Beater is a great anime series. The story is about a homeless boy living on the streets of New York. He loves basketball and crafts a team of pro athletes intending to beat all the teams in the Space League. 

It is an interesting story with amazing characters like all the anime have. For all basketball lovers, this anime series is the best to start with.

6. Kuroko No Basket 

Kuroko No Basket is a basketball anime series with 25 episodes. The Seirin High School is finding difficulties to form a basketball team. The School is in search of passionate players who could help them win in the upcoming matches. They found two freshmen Taiga and Tetsuya with the ability to win. 

On the other hand, a boy Kuroko is finding difficulties as he is not a natural athlete. But later on, he worked hard and made a place on the basketball team.

The story continues and a lot of drama happens because of the previous teammates. It is an interesting story and you should check it out.

7. Kuroko No Basket: Last Game 

It is a sequel to Kuroko No Basket. In this part, a team called Jabberwock from America makes fun of Kuroko’s team. They travel to Japan to compete with Kuroko’s team. 

It is an anime movie. You can watch it without yawning. It was released in the year 2017 and the audience liked it.

8. Ro-Kyu-Bu 

The next basketball anime is Ro-Kyu-Bu. It is a story about a group of elementary girls who love to play basketball. After training hard for some time they aim to defeat all the teams coming against them. 

Many other things happened. It is not a typical basketball series and has a pretty good plot.

9. I’ll CKBC 

I’ll CKBC is about a Hitonari Hiragi. A boy who nearly quit basketball because of family pressure. But later, he finds some people who motivated him to play basketball again. He joined the Kouzu High School Basketball team and played many victorious matches. With every victory, Hitonari Hiragi became more proud and confident.

10. Ahiru No Sora 

Ahiru No Sora or Sora the Duck is a basketball anime aeries with 50 episodes. Sora joins Kuzuryu High School to play basketball and to keep the promise that he made to his mother. The promise to dominate basketball in High School Tournament. 

But as he joins the school, he comes to know that basketball is dead here. Sora tries and succeeds to give life to basketball in the school. It is a motivating story and something that basketball lovers would watch.


Basketball is a sport loved and watched by hundreds of millions of people around the globe. It has given us many legends like Kobe Bryant. In this blog, we have discussed basketball anime series that basketball lovers should watch. These are interesting and worth watching.

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