An Error Has Occurred in Misskey: Causes and Solutions

Misskey is a popular open source microblogging platform built on Node.js. It has gained a significant userbase who enjoy its clean interface, customizability and privacy features. However, like any software, Misskey is not without its bugs and errors. One common error message users may encounter is “An error has occurred”. This vague error can be frustrating for users who rely on Misskey for communication or sharing content.

In this article, we will explore the various causes of the “An error has occurred” message in Misskey and suggest potential solutions to resolve the problem.

Why Does This Error Occur in Misskey?

There are a few reasons why users might get the unhelpful “An error has occurred” message in Misskey:

  • Server issues – Problems on the server side like overloading or crashes can cause general errors like this. It usually resolves itself once server issues are fixed.
  • Client-side problems – Sometimes the issue may be on the user’s device or browser. Outdated browsers, network problems, full storage space etc could trigger errors.
  • Incorrect configurations – Errors during Misskey updates or incorrect config settings made by server admins can also lead to errors for users.
  • Bugs and glitches – Like any software, Misskey too can have its share of bugs and glitches that need to be fixed by developers. Generic error messages often occur in such cases.

So in summary, the “An error has occurred” message usually appears because of some technical fault on the server side, client side or in the Misskey code itself. The exact cause can be hard to determine from this vague message alone.

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Common Causes and Solutions for This Error

While the message is unspecific, there are some common triggers for this error that users can check for. Here are some of the common causes and potential fixes:

Outdated Browser or Cache

Using an outdated or unsupported browser is a common reason for errors in Misskey. The app regularly rolls out updates with new features that may not work well on older browsers.


  • Update your browser to the latest version
  • Try clearing your browser cache and reloading the page
  • Use supported browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Edge etc

Server Outage or Overload

If the Misskey server you are connected to is down for maintenance or overloaded with traffic, it can throw generic errors for users.


  • Check the server status page or social media for outage alerts
  • Try connecting to the instance later when it is back up
  • Inform admins if outage seems prolonged

User Account Issues

Problems with your user account like being blocked, suspended or reaching upload limits can also lead to errors.


  • Check if your account has been blocked by admins
  • Confirm you haven’t reached file storage or post limits
  • Try logging out and logging back in

Plugin Errors

Misskey allows users to install custom plugins and themes. A problematic plugin can cause errors for your instance.


  • Try disabling newly installed plugins
  • Check plugin compatibility for your Misskey version
  • Ask admins to check server logs for plugin issues

Network Connectivity Issues

Any kind of disrupted internet connectivity like weak signals, switching networks, restricted networks etc can interfere with Misskey loading properly.


  • Check your internet connection stability
  • Switch to a better network if possible
  • Use a VPN or proxy if your network has restrictions

Misskey Version Mismatch

Using a very outdated Misskey app while your instance runs a newer version can also trigger errors sometimes.


  • Go to App Settings and update to the latest Misskey app
  • Check the Misskey version on your instance and update accordingly

Incorrect Misskey Config

Admins need to modify Misskey config files with custom settings for attributes like storage, caching, security etc. Incorrect configs can break things.


  • Inform your Misskey instance admins about the issue
  • Check the admin changelog for recent config changes
  • Help admins troubleshoot configuration errors

So in summary, this generic error has a wide range of potential causes. By methodically checking different solutions, users should be able to resolve the problem and continue using Misskey smoothly.

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How to Better Troubleshoot the “An Error Has Occurred” Message

Since this error message is vague, troubleshooting the exact cause can be tricky for regular users. Here are some tips to better troubleshoot and communicate the problem:

Check the Timeline

Check your Misskey timeline and notifications for any server outage alerts or error updates from admins. They may have posted about known issues.

Look For Error Logs

See if your instance provides public error logs. If yes, look for logs around the timeframe the error occurred to identify possible causes.

Try Basic Troubleshooting

Do basic checks like reloading the page, clearing cache/cookies, trying a different browser etc to see if it resolves the issue.

Note Down Context

Note down the context like what exactly you did before the error occurred, which feature were you using etc. This gives helpful clues for troubleshooting.

Ask Other Users

Check with other users of the same Misskey instance to see if they are also facing similar “An error has occurred” messages.

Contact Server Admins

Contact the server admins and report the error along with context like browser, what you were doing, timeframe etc. They can check server logs for clues.

Search Misskey Issues

Search the Misskey source code repositories for open and closed issues related to the error message to see if a cause is identified.

Check Third-Party Services Status

Services like Cloudflare, AWS etc used by your Misskey instance may also be down and cause errors. Check their status pages.

Update Misskey Instance

Prompt your Misskey instance admins to update the Misskey version if it is very outdated and susceptible to bugs.

So in summary, providing additional troubleshooting context to server admins is key to resolving “An error has occurred” faster. Following general debugging best practices helps identify the root cause.

Common Follow Up Fixes To Apply

Even after resolving the specific issue, there are some common follow-up best practices admins and users should implement:

Monitor Server Logs

Admins should actively monitor error logs to quickly catch and fix errors before they affect all users.

Enable Detailed Error Messages

admins can configure Misskey to show more detailed errors instead of generic messages to speed up diagnosis.

Improve Server Infrastructure

Adding server capacity, bandwidth, caching etc helps handle traffic spikes and prevents downtime and errors.

Maintain Regular Backups

Regular backups ensure Misskey instances can be restored quickly in case of crashes or data loss.

Update Frequently

Servers admins should regularly check and apply Misskey updates to get bug fixes and security patches.

Disable Problematic Plugins

Admins should disable or update third-party plugins creating issues after each Misskey update.

In summary, being proactive about maintenance, monitoring and upgrades can reduce future downtime and errors even after fixing the current issue.


The “An error has occurred” message can be annoyingly vague when trying to use Misskey properly. While the causes can be diverse, a bit of diligent troubleshooting considering server issues, user account problems, browser incompatibility etc can help narrow down and resolve the problem. Following some best practices both on the server and user side can also help minimize downtime and generic errors in the long run. The key is having an active community of admins and users who collaboratively maintain a smooth Misskey experience.

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