Top 10 Anime Subtitle Downloaders

Watching anime with subtitles allows you to follow the story and understand the dialogue, especially if you don’t speak Japanese. Downloading subtitle files separately gives you more control and options over your viewing experience. Here are 10 of the best tools and sites for downloading anime subtitles.

1. AnimeLab

AnimeLab has a library of subtitled and dubbed anime shows and movies available for legal streaming. When you watch a video, you have the option to enable subtitles.

AnimeLab also allows you to download subtitle files in .ass format for episodes you’ve streamed. Just click the “Download Subtitle” button on the video player. This makes it easy to get subtitles for your anime torrent downloads or other video files.

2. Anime Out

Anime Out indexes and links to anime subtitles uploaded on file hosts around the web. You can search or browse their database of 100,000+ subtitles covering both popular and obscure anime series.

The subtitle files are available in formats like .srt, .ass, and .ssa. Click the download link below each search result to save the subtitle file to your computer. Anime Out is free to use without registration.

3. Animesuge

Animesuge is an anime streaming site that also lets you download subtitles. As you watch a video, you’ll see subtitle language options in the player.

Below the player is a “Download” button which lets you save the subtitles in .ass or .srt format. You need to create a free account to use this feature. The subtitles mostly cover anime series translated from Japanese to English.

4. DownSub

DownSub has an extensive collection of subtitle files for anime series, shows, and movies. You can browse their library or search for a specific anime title.

The subtitles are available in formats like .srt, .sub, .sbv, and more. Click the Download link next to each result to directly save the subtitle file to your computer. No account needed and all downloads are free.

5. Jipsaw Karaoke DS

Jipsaw Karaoke DS (Desktop Subtitle) is a Windows application for searching and downloading anime subtitles. After installing, launch the app and search for an anime by title.

When you select a result, you can preview the subtitle file and download in formats like .ass, .srt, and .ssa. Jipsaw DS fetches subtitles from various sources and also lets you save playlists.

6. Kitsunekko

Kitsunekko is one of the largest anime subtitle databases available. It has over 200,000 entries for subtitles in multiple languages. You can browse by season or use the search function.

Hit the download arrow button to get a subtitle in a format like .ass or .srt. No registration needed. Kitsunekko also has an API if you want to integrate subtitle downloading into an app.

7. NyaaTorrents

NyaaTorrents is a popular anime torrent site that hosts both video files and subtitles. Use the search bar to find a show. Filter results by category to get just subtitle files.

You’ll need a torrent client like qBittorrent to download the subtitles. The available formats include .ass, .srt, .ssa and more. NyaaTorrents is free but read their rules before downloading torrents.

8. Opensubtitles

Opensubtitles has an extensive collection of subtitle files for movies, shows, and anime. You can search their database or browse anime subtitles based on their IMDB or TVDB listing.

Subtitle formats like .srt, .sub, .ssa, and .txt are available. Click the download icon next to each result to save the subtitles. Registration lets you request subtitles and auto-sync them with video files.

9. Subscene

On Subscene, you can find anime subtitle files submitted by users from around the world. Use the search bar and select a matching anime show from the results.

Scroll down to see subtitle listings in different languages including multiple English translations. Click the Download link to save subtitles in .srt or .zip format. Fast downloads without any registration required.

10. Zimuku

Zimuku has Chinese anime subtitles along with a few other Asian languages. Enter the anime name in their search bar to find subtitle listings.

You can preview subtitle files online before downloading. They’re available in formats like .ass, .ssa, .srt, and .sub for free downloads without creating an account. Zimuku also has community forums.

Key Features When Choosing An Anime Subtitle Downloader

When looking for the right tool or site for downloading anime subtitles, keep these key factors in mind:

  • Search function – Being able to search by the anime title makes it easy to find subtitles.
  • Format options – Good subtitle sites offer multiple formats like .srt, .ass, .ssa for download.
  • Language options – Look for subtitles in different languages like English, Chinese, Portuguese etc.
  • Large database – More entries and sources means more subtitle options to choose from.
  • Fast downloads – The subtitles should quickly download without slow servers or rate limits.
  • No ads or popups – Clean subtitle sites with minimal distractions provide a better experience.
  • Ratings and comments – See what other users think about the quality of subtitles offered.


Adding subtitles takes anime viewing to the next level. The sites and tools featured here make it easy to find and download subtitles for both popular and obscure anime series. Trying out multiple options helps you discover the best subtitles.

With the right subtitles, you can enjoy and appreciate the intricate Japanese stories, characters, and dialogue in anime even more. And you have the ability to rewatch the shows with new subtitle files for a fresh perspective.

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