What is S2Manga? 20 Best S2Manga Alternatives in 2023

S2Manga was a popular manga reading site that provided free access to thousands of manga, manhwa, and manhua chapter updates daily.

Due to various controversies, S2Manga has been inactive and inaccessible since late 2021. Many former users have been searching for viable S2Manga alternatives to continue reading manga online.

This guide will explain what S2Manga was and highlight the 20 best active manga sites in 2023 that can serve as replacements.

Overview of S2Manga

S2Manga was launched in 2020 as a manga aggregator website that compiled manga series from various scanlation groups.

Some key facts about S2Manga:

  • Offered over 15,000 different manga series from diverse genres
  • Added 100+ new manga and 2000+ new chapters daily
  • Provided manga in English translated from Japanese, Chinese, Korean etc.
  • Allowed reading manga online for free without registration
  • Updated manga chapters within hours of raw release
  • Supported reading on desktop and mobile apps
  • Funded through non-intrusive advertisements

At its height, S2Manga established itself as one of the most visited manga reading destinations with fast updates. But a combination of scanlator complaints and infrastructure issues ultimately led to its downfall.

Why S2Manga Shut Down

While S2Manga was popular among readers, its aggregated nature and policies drew criticism from manga scanlation groups:

  • Did not properly credit scanlation groups or follow DMCA guidelines
  • Refused to comply with removal requests from scanlators
  • Allegedly profited from work of uncompensated scanlators
  • Lacked communication and restricted site access to scanlation groups

Additionally, S2Manga experienced frequent server outages and technical problems in late 2021 before going offline completely.

The controversies highlighted issues around sharing unofficial translated manga content online. But S2Manga left a demand for a stable free manga site.

20 Best S2Manga Alternatives in 2023

Here are the top 20 active manga websites in 2023 that offer a great S2Manga alternative reading experience:

1. MangaPark

  • 60,000+ manga titles with daily updates
  • Intuitive full-page reader supporting Tachiyomi
  • Strong community features and discussions

2. MangaKawaii

  • 50,000+ manga available in multiple languages
  • Minimal ads and easy-to-use reader
  • Helpful reading lists and related recommendations

3. MangaBat

  • Fast aggregator pulling manga from various sources
  • 50,000+ English manga series available
  • Customizable reader settings

4. Manga1000

  • Aggregates manga from League of Scans group
  • 40,000+ English manga titles across genres
  • Updates new chapters hourly

5. MangaZuki

  • Clean interface and smooth reader
  • 35,000+ manga including manhwa and manhua
  • Follows DMCA requests from scanlators

6. MangaSee

  • Huge manga library with daily updates
  • Mobile apps available on Android and iOS
  • Helpful reading community and discussions

7. MangaInn

  • Daily updates from 100s of scanlation groups
  • Advanced filters when browsing huge catalog
  • Detailed manga info, previews, and reader

8. ZeroScans

  • Focused on hosting Korean manhwa/webtoons
  • Updates new chapters every few minutes
  • Minimalist design and fast performance

9. MangaHub

  • 15,000 manga available in multiple languages
  • Intuitive reading interface similar to S2Manga
  • Useful personalized recommendations

10. MangaKisa

  • 18,000+ manga series with steady updates
  • Easy-to-navigate genres and search function
  • Supports reading history and favorites

11. MangaOwl

  • Well-organized manga library and latest chapters
  • Follows takedown requests
  • Detailed information for every manga title

12. MangaFox

  • Long-running manga site with classic series
  • Straightforward alphabetic browsing
  • S2Manga-like reader and navigation

13. MangaReader

  • Huge manga selection rivaling S2Manga
  • Fast servers and smooth reader performance
  • Helpful reading guides and recommendations

14. MangaLoop

  • Daily updates from 300+ scanlation groups
  • Minimal ads and basic but functional reader
  • Allows downloading chapters in PDF format

15. TenManga

  • Japanese manga scans with English translations
  • Clean, image-focused design
  • Solid library of latest titles and chapters

16. MangaRock

  • Sleek mobile apps for Android and iOS
  • Syncs reading progress across devices
  • Top manga charts help discover trending series

17. MangaTown

  • 15,000+ English manga series
  • Easy-to-use reader with smooth scrolling
  • Regularly adds popular new manga titles

18. MangaBuddy

  • Fast-loading server and site speed
  • Helpful advance search filters
  • Allows downloading chapters in PDF/image format

19. MangaLife

  • Indexes manga from 140+ scanlator groups
  • Minimal advertisements and reader distractions
  • Daily updates with 100s of new chapters

20. MangaYabu

  • 10,000+ manga series with steady updates
  • Save favorites and get new chapter notifications
  • Ad-light and optimized for mobile reading


While the shutdown of S2Manga left a void, plenty of excellent manga sites are available that provide a similar experience. The alternatives above make it easy to continue reading your favorite manga series.

Sites like MangaPark, MangaKawaii, and MangaSee offer huge libraries, smooth readers, and active communities. And aggregators like Manga1000 and MangaInn satisfy the demand for latest manga chapter updates.

There’s never been a better time to start reading manga online for free. Check out the top S2Manga replacement options to immerse yourself in thousands of manga titles today!

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