Comprehensive Guide to Resolving BetterDiscord Crashing Issues

BetterDiscord allows enhancing your Discord experience with customized themes, plugins, emotes and more. But tweaking Discord too much can sometimes cause stability issues like random crashing or failure to launch.

If your souped up BetterDiscord build keeps freezing, closing unexpectedly or encountering errors like “Windows could not start Discord”, don’t ditch your amazing customized client just yet. This troubleshooting guide will explore common BetterDiscord crashing causes and simple solutions to restore performance.

We’ll cover steps like uninstalling problematic plugins, repairing corrupted files, updating components, and optimizing Windows settings. You’ll also learn preventative measures for crash-free Discord modding. Let’s bring your fabulously tricked out Discord client back to life!

Disable All Plugins and Themes

Third-party BetterDiscord plugins and themes are the #1 cause of Discord crashes since they interact with Discord’s code in unintended ways. If you installed new plugins or themes right before crashing began, try temporarily disabling them:


  1. Open BetterDiscord Settings > Plugins
  2. Toggle OFF every plugin.


  1. Open BetterDiscord Settings > Themes
  2. Switch to the Default theme

With all plugins and custom themes disabled, launch Discord normally again. If crashing stops, turn plugins back on one-by-one until you identify the problematic one. Then remove the crashing plugin permanently.

Repair Corrupted Files

Glitches when installing BetterDiscord can leave behind corrupted files that destabilize Discord. Run the BetterDiscord repair tool to automatically fix damaged files:

  1. Close Discord completely
  2. Open Windows File Explorer
  3. Navigate to %appdata% > BetterDiscord > data > betterdiscord
  4. Launch bdRepair.exe
  5. Click Select All then Repair

This scans and replaces any corrupted files, eliminating stability issues they may cause.

Update BetterDiscord Builds

Using an outdated version of BetterDiscord that lags behind Discord’s updates can introduce incompatibilities that lead to crashing.

Keep BetterDiscord itself updated:

  1. Open BetterDiscord settings
  2. Go to Updates tab
  3. Click Check for Updates button
  4. Install any pending updates shown

This ensures the mod is running the latest build designed specifically for your Discord version. Up-to-date BetterDiscord is more crash resistant.

Roll Back Discord Updates

If crashes started after a recent Discord update, temporarily rolling back Discord updates can confirm an incompatibility:

  1. Close Discord
  2. Right click Discord shortcut > Properties
  3. Under Shortcut tab, at the end of Target box add: –enable-deprecated-updater
  4. Launch Discord – you can now install prior versions under Update tab
  5. Choose version before crashes to rollback

If Discord runs fine again rolled back, wait for a future Discord or BetterDiscord fix.

Update Discord Canary Build

Try switching to Discord’s experimental Canary build channel. Canary builds test upcoming changes before general release:

  1. Uninstall regular Discord but keep data
  2. Install Discord Canary standalone app
  3. Log into your account on Canary build

Newer Canary updates sometimes resolve the crashing introduced by recent stable builds when using BetterDiscord.

Reset Discord Settings

Corrupted Discord settings like bad cache data can cause conflicts. Reset Discord to clear out bad configurations:

  1. Close Discord
  2. Press Windows Key + R to open Run box
  3. Type %appdata% and click OK
  4. Delete Discord folder
  5. Launch Discord – settings will be reset to defaults

Start with a clean slate of settings. If crashing continues, the issue is not settings-related.

Update Graphics Drivers

Outdated or buggy graphics drivers can make Discord unstable when loading BetterDiscord visuals. Update to the latest GPU drivers:


  • Open GeForce Experience
  • Choose Check for Updates
  • Download and install latest Game Ready Driver


  • Go to AMD website
  • Detect GPU and grab newest recommended driver
  • Run downloaded installer to upgrade drivers

Fresh stable drivers optimize performance and prevent crashing.

Close Background Apps

Too many background apps eating RAM can starve resources from Discord and cause crashing. Before launching, close other memory hungry programs:

  • Web browsers
  • Media editors
  • Games launchers
  • Video streaming apps

Keep your PC tidy when running modded Discord for maximum stability.

Add Exceptions to Antivirus

Overzealous antivirus scanners can sometimes detect BetterDiscord files as dangerous and delete or block them, causing boot failures.

Whitelist the BetterDiscord folders in your antivirus app to prevent interference:

Windows Security

  • Open Windows Security > Virus & Threat Protection
  • Click Manage Settings > Add or Remove Exclusions
  • Select + Add an Exclusion
  • Choose folders: %appdata%\BetterDiscord %appdata%\betterdiscord\data\betterdiscord

3rd Party Antivirus Apps

  • Open antivirus settings
  • Find option to skip/exclude files, folders from scanning
  • Add the BetterDiscord directories shown above

With your mod files safely exempted, antivirus won’t undermine stability.

Adjust Windows Settings for Performance

Refine Windows settings for peak Discord performance:

  • High Performance Power Plan – Sets CPU for max speed to handle plugins.
  • Disable Game Bar/DVR – Stops conflicts with overlays.
  • Close Background Apps – Frees up RAM for Discord.
  • Disable Game Mode – Can cause render issues with heavy mods.
  • Update Windows – Newer builds fix compatibility bugs.

Optimized Windows environment facilitates stability, even with BetterDiscord customizations.

Avoid Resource-Heavy Plugins

Some BetterDiscord plugins impose heavy loads that can overwhelm your system. Avoid plugins known to demand excessive resources:

  • Game Activity overlay – Can choke weaker GPUs
  • Music visualizers – Drain CPU usage
  • Web Previews – Memory intensive
  • Twitch/Youtube integrations– Strain network and RAM

Carefully manage plugin selections. Scale back if performance suffers.

Install Linux Version via MultiMC

The Linux version of Discord running via MultiMC has greater mod compatibility and is less crash prone:

  1. Download and install MultiMC
  2. Open MultiMC and add new instance
  3. Select Discord under Versions tab
  4. Adjust RAM higher for instance
  5. Launch Discord – plugins work via browser

Developers suggest Linux Discord as more stable base for heavy modding.

Contact BetterDiscord Support

For severe crashing issues that persist after trying all troubleshooting, reach out to the developer community for specialized help:

  • Join the BetterDiscord Discord server
  • Post in the #help channel with crash details
  • Developers may request log files to diagnose your specific problem
  • They can craft customized solutions for tricky bugs

With an active modding community, help is available even for stubborn crashing problems.

Prevent Future Crashes

Once your BetterDiscord build is stabilized, utilize these tips to avoid future crashes:

  • Regularly update Discord, BetterDiscord, graphics drivers
  • Don’t overload plugins – less is smoother
  • Stick to reputable plugin sources – many are shoddily coded
  • Monitor resource usage – too high causes instability
  • Note crashes times and replication steps to identify triggers
  • Mention crashes and plugins used when requesting help

Carefully tending to your modded Discord prevents the vast majority of crashes users experience.

Frequently Asked Questions About BetterDiscord Crashing

Here are answers to commonly asked questions about troubleshooting BetterDiscord errors:

Q: How do I stop BetterDiscord from crashing?

A: Disable all plugins and themes to isolate conflicts. Repair corrupted files. Keep Discord, mods, and drivers updated. Exclude files from antivirus scanners. Reduce resource-heavy plugins.

Q: How do I fix BetterDiscord themes not working?

A: Ensure plugins are enabled. Try switching themes. Update BetterDiscord to latest build. Themes may be outdated or incompatible with your Discord version.

Q: Does BetterDiscord decrease FPS?

A: Yes, extensive plugins, animations, and overlays can negatively impact game performance when screensharing. Limit plugins and reduce GPU load to maximize FPS.

Q: Is BetterDiscord a Bitcoin miner?

A: No evidence exists of cryptocurrency mining hidden within BetterDiscord code. However, avoid unofficial plugins from untrusted sources that may secretly mine.

Q: Is it risky to use BetterDiscord?

A: Modifying Discord does violate their Terms of Service. However, account bans are rare if impacts are minimal. Most crashes involve rolling back changes. Practice safe modding.

Q: How do I backup my BetterDiscord plugins and themes?

A: Navigate to %appdata%\betterdiscord\data\betterdiscord\plugins and themes folders. Zip up these folders to backing up all customizations for easy reinstallation.

With attentive computer and Discord care, your sweetly modded client can run buttery smooth. Follow this guide’s troubleshooting steps to resolve BetterDiscord crashing for good.


Part of the fun of BetterDiscord is pushing the limits customizing your ideal Discord client. But too many twitchy enhancements can overload things, resulting in frustrating crashes. Rather than stripping away all your hard modding work entirely, some methodical troubleshooting can pinpoint the specific plugins or settings causing conflicts, allowing you to resolve just those pain points while keeping your optimized Discord intact.

Stability comes down to careful management of plugins, timely software updates, sufficient system resources, and preventing anti-mod interference. With a little diligent moderation, your fabulously tricked out Discord can run as reliably as the vanilla version while taking your chatting experience to new heights. Game on!


This article offers suggestions to troubleshoot and stabilize BetterDiscord based on community feedback. However, no guarantees are provided. Modifying Discord violates their ToS so optimize at your own risk. Back up data frequently and revert changes if issues emerge. Consult Discord support if problems continue.

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