Crown of Tempests exotic helmet in Destiny 2

Arc Warlocks in Destiny 2 capable of mastering the chaotic power of lightning have long gravitated towards the exotic helmet Crown of Tempests. This distinctive headgear with branching arcs of electricity enhances Stormcaller abilities to dramatic effect. Whether unleashing devastating supers or chaining deadly melee attacks, Crown of Tempests brings serious voltage.

This guide delves into the background lore, optimal perks, gameplay enhancements, and build synergies offered by Crown of Tempests. Become an unstoppable conduit of Arc power with the right legendary pairings. We’ll also answer frequently asked questions to help you get the most out of this S-Tier Warlock exotic in PvE and PvP.

The Lore Behind Crown of Tempests

Crown of Tempests has one of the coolest backstories among exotic armor. Its design comes from a dark dimension called the Tempestarii – a realm of pure Arc energy. This chaotic plane of existence constantly churns with storms and lightning. Vex researchers breached the dimension and discovered beings called Tempestarii Hierarchs ruling this angry plane.

The Vex studied and eventually replicated the powerful crowns worn by the Hierarchs. These arc-infused replicas were later recovered from Vex confluxes by Warlock thanatonauts researching the space between life and death. Now in Guardian hands, Crown of Tempests enables direct control of the Tempestarii Hierarchs’ power.

Crown of Tempests Perks and Abilities

As an exotic helmet, Crown of Tempests grants the following playstyle-defining perks:

  • Conduction Tines – Each Arc ability kill increases ability regen speed for a short duration. Stacks up to 3 times.
  • Harmonic Siphon – Hits with Arc abilities dramatically reduce your super cooldown.
  • Enhanced Battery – Gain a second charge on any equipped Arc grenade.
  • Higher overall stats focused on recovery, intellect, and discipline.

Combined, these bonuses enable rapid chaining of damaging Arc abilities and super uptime. The enhanced Conduction Tines perk introduced in Year 5 supercharges Crown’s potential.

Ideal Mods to Enhance Crown of Tempests

The right armor mods can amplify Crown’s capabilities even further:

  • Stacks on Stacks – Gain extrastacks of Conduction Tines on ability kills.
  • Ashes to Assets – Boosts super recharge when defeating enemies with grenades.
  • Hands-On – Hitting enemies with melees increases super regen.
  • Outreach – Increases melee lunge range for easier chaining.
  • Bomber – Reduces grenade cooldown when using your class ability.
  • Perpetuation – Class ability recharges faster when using finishers. Great for mid-battle recovery.

Mastering Crown of Tempests Gameplay

Crown of Tempests pushes Arc Warlocks to adopt an aggressive, high-uptime playstyle capitalizing on ability regeneration. The loop goes like this:

  • Use Arc grenade and melee attacks to build 3x Conduction Tines
  • Follow up with Stormtrance super to clear adds and recharge grenade/melee
  • Repeat chaining abilities and supers with enhanced energy return

Against tough bosses, switch to Arc Soul rifts for constant ability damage while firing weapons. Crown also empowers Chaos Reach as a high burst damage option.

For PvP, lead with an Arc Web grenade into Ball Lightning melee attacks to defeat whole groups. Conduction Tines allows chaining supers to shut down enemy kill streaks.

Top Legendary Weapons to Pair With Crown of Tempests

While Crown can be used with any Arc subclass tree, these legendary weapons fully capitalize on Crown’s power:


  • Outbreak Perfected – Arc pulse rifle bolsters ability regen.
  • Kindled Orchid – Adept for lethality at all ranges.


  • Trinity Ghoul – Chain lightning arrow kills.
  • Riskrunner – Constant Arc damage protection.
  • Crownsplitter – Hefty AoE spin attacks.


  • Falling Guillotine – Devastating boss DPS.
  • Threaded Needle – Precise long range heavy damage.
  • Anarchy – Set and forget bolt damage over time.

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Here are some frequently asked questions when mastering this exotic:

How long does the Conduction Tines buff last?

  • Each stack lasts 10 seconds, with a max duration of 30 seconds.

Does Crown of Tempests work with Stasis?

  • No, Crown’s perks only trigger with Arc subclasses and abilities.

What’s the best subclass to use with Crown of Tempests in PvE?

  • Middle tree Stormcaller offers great crowd control options.

Is Crown of Tempests good for endgame PvE content?

  • Yes, rapid ability regeneration enables excellent add clear potential.

What are optimal stats to target on Crown of Tempests?

  • Focus on recovery, intellect, and discipline with a minor resilience bump.

Does the helmet boost Arc Staff on Hunter at all?

  • Unfortunately, Crown’s perks are exclusive to the Warlock class.

Is there a way to visually see the Conduction Tines buff?

  • Unfortunately no, but the enhanced regen will be very apparent.

Crown of Tempests enables Warlocks to reign as high-voltage ability engines. Through mastering rapid chaining of amplified Arc abilities and supers, unleash the storm against any foe – whether AI or human controlled. Call down the lightning and surge to victory.

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