Destiny 2 Fishing Report

Fishing has arrived in Destiny 2! With the introduction of the H.E.L.M. vendor Finch, Guardians can now partake in fishing at various water locations across the system. Catching all the rare fish required for the Fishing Report triumph brings cool rewards.

This extensive guide will go over everything you need to know about fishing and completing the Fishing Report in Destiny 2. We’ll cover fishing gear, fish types, bait, rewards and a Fishing FAQ. Time to master this new hobby for fun loot and triumphs!

Getting Started: Fishing Gear and Mechanics

To start fishing, visit Finch in the H.E.L.M. and grab the Captain Ahab 900 legendary sword. Equipping this sword enables fishing mechanics when standing near water.

Cast your line with the heavy attack button and wait for controller rumble indicating a fish on the line. Then reel in your catch with repeated heavy attacks!

There are 10 fish types that can be caught across 8 destinations. Each fish has a rarity level from Common to Epic determining its catch rate. Rarer fish require more skill to catch.

Using Bait and Location Guides

You can purchase bait from Finch to help catch rarer fish, including:

  • Breadcrumbs – Basic bait
  • Small Fry Bait – Uncommon bait
  • Secret Sauce – Rare bait
  • Nightcrawler – Epic bait

Each bait type increases chances of catching higher rarity fish. Refer to location guides to learn the best spots and bait for each fish species.

Completing The Fishing Report Triumph

For the Fishing Report triumph, you must catch 1 of every rare fish. The required fish are:

  • Io Masher (Nessus)
  • Dreaming City Tagalong (Dreaming City)
  • Helium Fish (Moon)
  • Sacred Scorpius (EDZ)
  • Blinsided (Cosmodrome)
  • Broodscraper (Europa)

Use proper bait and targeting peak times when these rare fish are active will help complete the report. Turn it into Finch for rewards.

Fishing Rewards

Catching all fish types rewards the Following Seas exotic Sparrow, floaty water Sailboat emote, and the Reel Deal emblem. Random loot can also drop like:

  • Legendary weapons and armor
  • Enhancement materials
  • Strange Coins
  • Treasure keys

Rare fish have higher chances of valuable rewards. Master anglers can stock up on useful items through fishing!

Destiny 2 Fishing Tips and FAQ

Follow these tips to improve your fishing success:

  • Activate the Fish Spotter mod from the seasonal artifact to highlight fishing hotspots.
  • Use Mida Multi-Tool and Mini-Tool combo to boost movement and draw speed.
  • Try fishing at night or during different weather conditions for varied catch.
  • Stack fishing buffs from armor mods, Master Rahool, and Finch’s vendor perk.

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Q: Can fireteam members see your fishing line?

A: No, fishing lines are only visible to the player who cast them.

Q: Where is the best place to catch Trophy Fish?

A: The Canal in the EDZ during sunny weather with Nightcrawler bait.

Q: Do fish respawn after being caught?

A: Yes, you can return later to catch fish again in previously fished spots.

Q: Can bait be reused or does it expire?

A: Bait is infinite and never expires, but only one type can be active at once.

Q: Is there matchmaking for fishing?

A: No, fishing does not support matchmaking into instances.

Master this new hobby by using the right bait, locations, and tactics to complete the Fishing Report and earn neat rewards. With the secrets in this guide, you’ll be a master angler in no time!

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