Destiny Season 20

Destiny 2 is set to launch its 20th season soon, marking a major milestone for the popular online multiplayer first-person shooter game. Developed by Bungie, Destiny 2 first released in 2017 and has seen tremendous success, amassing over 1 million daily players. With each new season, fans are eagerly awaiting to see what new content, activities, gear, and story developments await.

Season 20 is shaping up to be one of the most anticipated seasons yet. While full details have not yet been revealed, there are some key pieces of information already known about what players can expect. This article will provide a comprehensive overview of everything we know so far about Destiny 2 Season 20, from release date to new features.

Release Date

While an official release date has not been announced yet, Destiny 2 seasons typically last around 3 months. Given that Season 19, Season of the Seraph, launched on December 6th, 2022, we can speculate that Season 20 will likely release sometime in March 2023.

Past seasons have seen both earlier and later release dates, so March is just an estimate. However, Bungie typically provides a firm release date 1-2 months prior to a new season’s launch, so expect an announcement soon.

New Destination

A new patrol zone is anticipated to be added with Season 20. The last major new area added to the game was Savathun’s Throne World in The Witch Queen expansion in early 2022. Potential candidates for the new area include The Pyramid on Neptune, the home planet of the mysterious Nine, or old Cosmodrome locations from Destiny 1 like the Plaguelands.

The new destination will likely feature new public events, lost sectors, secrets to uncover, and more. This will provide plenty of fresh activities and lore for guardians to immerse themselves in.

New Seasonal Activity

Each season introduces a new 6 player matchmade activity that relates to the season’s narrative and provides opportunities for gear rewards. Past examples include the PsiOps Battlegrounds and Ketchcrash. While details are unknown currently, speculation is high that the new activity could relate to the ancient power known as Neomuna given the Neptune and Nine connections.

Players can expect modifiers like Champions and weekly challenges to allow for engaging, replayable content. Unique new gear like seasonal weapons, armor sets, exotics, cosmetics, and more will be available as well.

New Story Content

Season 20 will push the overarching narrative of Destiny 2 forward, likely relating to the big picture threat of The Witness and pyramids. The Season 19 finale plot twist regarding Rasputin in an Exo body named Clarity could play a prominent role.

Other characters like Emperor Calus, Caiatl, and Osiris also have unfinished storylines that could see advancement. Savathun’s enemy Xivu Arath has yet to directly appear as well. We can expect rich new lore and story developments that inch us closer to the climactic Light and Dark saga finale.

New Raid

A new 6 player raid is expected to be included with Season 20. Raids stand as pinnacle endgame PvE content in Destiny 2 featuring intense combat challenges that require strong teamwork and communication. The newest raid arriving with the Witch Queen, Vow of the Disciple, was widely praised, so anticipation is high for what’s next.

Potential raid locations include inside a Pyramid or within the inner workings of the Vex network. Thematic connections to Neomuna and the Nine are likely as well. The raid boss could even be Xivu Arath herself. Expert raiders eagerly wait to tackle the complex new mechanics and claim the coveted gear rewards.

New Exotics

Exotic weapons and armor provide unique capabilities and some of Destiny’s most powerful gear. Each season introduces new exotics, and we can expect a similar offering with Season 20. Possibilities include exotics relating to the new destination or raid, or long-awaited fan favorites like Icebreaker or Mythoclast.

Seasonal exotics also often tie into major story beats, with details hinting at broader developments. For example, Season 19’s Quicksilver Storm machine gun related to Rasputin and his new Exo form. Expect juicy lore and powerful new loadout options with the newest exotic gear.

New Crucible/Gambit Maps & Modes

PvP and Gambit players can anticipate new content as well. Crucible will likely receive at least 1-2 new maps, significant given the mode has gone over a year without a new map. Gambit fans eagerly await a new map there too.

Rumors also indicate Crucible could see new modes or major changes, though details are unknown. Gambit recently received a revamp so it may stay similar. But new map options could help keep the competitive experiences fresh.

Quality of Life Changes

Seasonal updates also regularly deliver quality of life improvements requested by the playerbase. Potential changes players hope to see include Guardian rank increase, Glimmer cap raise, vendor refresh, new character customization options, and more.

Bungie has supported Destiny 2 remarkably well over the years, so we can expect more enhancements to improve overall quality too. Things like UI upgrades, crafting improvements, balancing patches, and bug fixes.

Free-to-Play Details

Destiny 2 transitioned to a free-to-play model in 2019, so new and returning players can experience much of the core content without paying. That should continue with Season 20, with the new seasonal activity likely available along with new maps and modes.

Players may need to purchase the current expansion pack The Witch Queen to access the new raid. But seasonal exotics and world loot pool refresh should be accessible. This enables a great entry point for new guardians.

That covers the major details we know so far for Destiny 2 Season 20! The community is filled with speculation and theories until official reveals get closer. With each new bit of info, the hype only grows as we inch toward the next chapter in Destiny 2’s evolving future.

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Here are some common questions about Destiny 2 Season 20:

Q: When does Season 20 release?

A: An exact date is unconfirmed, but it will likely be around March 2023 based on typical 3 month seasons. Bungie will confirm the launch date closer to release.

Q: What is the new seasonal activity?

A: Details are unknown currently, but speculation points to something related to Neomuna, the Nine, or Neptune based on narrative build up. It will feature matchmade 6 player activities.

Q: Are any old locations returning?

A: Rumors suggest a Cosmodrome location like Plaguelands could return from Destiny 1. But new areas like Neptune or the Nine’s realm seem more likely for now.

Q: What new crucible maps will there be?

A: Specifics are unconfirmed but at least 1-2 new Crucible maps are expected. A new Gambit map is rumored as well. Crucible may also see new modes.

Q: How many new exotics will there be?

A: Typically each season offers around 5-7 new exotic weapons and armor pieces obtainable through activities, quests, or world drops. We can expect a similar offering with Season 20.

Q: Do I need to buy Witch Queen to play?

A: You can access seasonal content and world activities without owning expansions, but likely need Witch Queen for the new raid specifically. Exotics and seasonal gear should be obtainable without DLC purchases.

Q: Are there new destinations after Season 20?

A: Further destinations are likely coming in future expansions and seasons. Rumors point to places like Old Chicago, the Dreadnaught, and the Deep Stone Crypt possibly returning someday.

Q: Will Cayde-6 return?

A: Cayde-6 sadly remains deceased in the universe after the Forsaken campaign. However, his journal was found so we may learn more about his past through additional lore entries.

Q: How long will Season 20 last?

A: Destiny 2 seasons typically run for around 3 months. So we can expect Season 20 to last from likely March to May/June 2023 before transitioning to Season 21.

Q: Will Season 20 include Lightfall news?

A: Lightfall is Destiny 2’s next major expansion after The Witch Queen, releasing in 2023. We will likely get our first details on Lightfall sometime during Season 20.

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