Destiny 2 Executioner Helmet Guide

The Executioner Helmet is a menacing-looking Titan helmet in Destiny 2 that is part of the Heralds of the Plague armor set. With its skull-like visage and glowing crimson eyes, the Executioner Helmet strikes fear into enemies and demands respect.

For Titans seeking an intimidating helmet with excellent stats and perks, the Executioner is a top-tier choice. In this guide, we’ll break down everything you need to know about the Executioner Helmet including:

  • Executioner Helmet Overview
  • Executioner Helmet Stats & Perks
  • Executioner Helmet Lore & Appearance
  • How to Get the Executioner Helmet
  • Best Executioner Helmet Perk Combinations
  • Is the Executioner Helmet Worth Grinding For?
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s dive in and explore the origins and capabilities of this menacing Titan headgear option.

Executioner Helmet Overview

The Executioner Helmet is a Legendary Titan helmet added in the Warmind expansion. It’s part of the PS-exclusive Heralds of the Plague armor set themed around Rasputin.

The Executioner stands out for its skull-shaped visage with glowing eyes that intimidates foes. It also has excellent overall stats biasing towards Mobility and Recovery.

Perk options on the Executioner Helmet include targeting perks for SMGs, Sidearms, Auto Rifles, and Machine Guns, along with utility perks like Better Already and Remote Connection.

Overall, the Executioner is one of the most aesthetically pleasing and highly functional Titan helmets in Destiny 2. Both its looks and perks make it well worth chasing.

Executioner Helmet Stats & Perks

Here are the base stats and possible perk rolls on the Executioner Helmet:

Executioner Helmet Stats:

  • Mobility: 7-15
  • Resilience: 2-9
  • Recovery: 9-15
  • Discipline: 6-11
  • Intellect: 6-11
  • Strength: 2-9

Total: 32-70

Possible Perks:

  • Targeting Perks: SMG, Sidearm, Auto Rifle, Machine Gun
  • Utility Perks: Hands-On, Better Already, Remote Connection, Pump Action

The Executioner has high potential Mobility and Recovery rolls, making it great for building around Titan skating and strafing. A high Recovery roll is especially desirable.

For perks, SMG and Auto Rifle targeting are ideal for enhancing your Primary weapon performance. Better Already and Remote Connection provide utility through healing and ability recharge.

Executioner Helmet Lore & Appearance

The ominous Executioner Helmet design draws inspiration from medieval plague doctor masks. These morbid bird-like masks were worn by doctors tending to plague victims in the Middle Ages.

In the Destiny universe, the Executioner Helmet was forged by the Warmind Rasputin as part of a set of armor called Heralds of the Plague. This armor was designed to make the wearer an embodiment of death itself.

The crimson glow of the helmet’s eyes represent the fatal nature of the plague. The helmet seeks to inspire terror and dread in any who oppose its master.

Some key details on the Executioner Helmet’s appearance:

  • Skeletal metal faceplate with beak-like design
  • Glowing red eyes and accents
  • Spikes protruding from the crown
  • Intricate engraving and matte black finish
    -associRasputin iconography on the brow

The Executioner is easily one of the most sinister-looking Titan helmets available. It pairs perfectly with the rest of the dark Heralds of the Plague set.

How to Get the Executioner Helmet

The Executioner Helmet can drop from the following sources:

  • Rasputin Encrypted Cache Key chests – These have a small chance to contain the helmet. Use charges of Encrypted Bit to open them.
  • Completing Heroic adventures on Mars – Each adventure boss kill has a chance to drop Executioner.
  • Escalation Protocol Wave 7 chest – Has a chance for the helmet on key open.
  • Cayde’s Stash Treasure Maps – Can potentially reward an Executioner from the chest.
  • Xur’s Fated Engram – The helmet can drop when decrypting this (for Hunters/Warlocks).

Your best chances are from repeatedly opening Rasputin caches and grinding EP Wave 7 completions. Heroic adventures and Cayde’s Stash maps provide backup sources.

The helmet cannot directly drop post-activity, so you must open Chests for a shot at the Executioner. But keep at it, and you’ll eventually add this excellent helmet to your collection!

Best Executioner Helmet Perk Combinations

Here are some recommended perk pairings for PvE and PvP to maximize the capabilities of the Executioner Helmet:


  • SMG Targeting + Better Already
  • Auto Rifle Targeting + Remote Connection
  • Machine Gun Targeting + Hands-On
  • SMG Targeting + Pump Action


  • Sidearm Targeting + Pump Action
  • Auto Rifle Targeting + Better Already
  • SMG Targeting + Remote Connection
  • Machine Gun Targeting + Hands-On

These pairings generally boost your equipped Primary weapon performance through enhanced target acquisition. The utility perk provides a bonus like healing, enhanced ability recharge rate, or increased Super energy on kills.

For PvE, perks that improve ad clear Primary weapons like SMGs and Auto Rifles tend to be most beneficial. For PvP, boosting Sidearms and Machine Guns helps win more duels.

Is the Executioner Helmet Worth Grinding For?

For Titan mains looking to optimize their helmet slot, the Executioner is absolutely worth pursuing:


  • Menacing skull appearance
  • Spiky exotic-quality looks
  • High potential Recovery stat
  • Useful targeting and utility perks
  • Pairs well with Heralds of the Plague set


  • Low Resilience stat
  • Perk choices slightly limited
  • Grindy to acquire from caches/bosses

Overall, the Executioner stands out through its unique style, great base stats, and solid perk options. It can compete with many exotic helmets for top-tier performance.

Just be ready to sink some time into the grind to get it, as Rasputin cache RNG can be quite fickle. But riding into battle wearing this badass helmet is well worth the effort!

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Does the Executioner Helmet work for all classes?

No, the Executioner Helmet can only be equipped by Titan classes. Hunters and Warlocks cannot wear or acquire it.

What expansion is required to earn the Executioner Helmet?

The helmet was added in the Warmind expansion, so you need Warmind or Forsaken to obtain it.

What Power level does the Executioner Helmet drop at?

It will drop at your current Power level up to the maximum cap each season. Its Power is not fixed.

Can the Executioner Helmet drop from Xur?

No, Xur’s Pool does not include the Executioner. Only his Fated Engram has a chance of rewarding it.

Does the Executioner Helmet work in Crucible too?

Yes, the Executioner can be equipped for all PvE and PvP activities once acquired.

What Ascendant Shader matches the Executioner Helmet?

The Calus’s Shadow or Bloody Tooth shaders pair very nicely with the helmet’s aesthetic.

Can I re-acquire the Executioner Helmet from Collections?

Unfortunately no – random roll gear like the Executioner cannot be reacquired from Collections.

And that covers everything you need to know about the sinister Executioner Helmet in Destiny 2! Equip this brutal headgear and strike fear into the hearts of your enemies, Guardian.

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