Exotic scout rifle “A Fine Memorial” in Destiny 2

A Fine Memorial is an exotic scout rifle introduced in Destiny 2 Year 5. This weapon hasconnections to the Iron Lords and the Plaguelands, offering versatility in both PvE and PvP.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about A Fine Memorial including:

  • Overview of A Fine Memorial
  • Stats, Perks, and Intrinsic Trait
  • Lore Behind A Fine Memorial
  • How to Get A Fine Memorial
  • Catalyst and How to Unlock It
  • Best Perk Combos and Builds
  • PvE vs PvP Performance
  • Ranking Against Other Exotics
  • FAQs About A Fine Memorial

Let’s dive in and explore the background, perks, and key tips for wielding this tactical exotic scout!

Overview of A Fine Memorial

A Fine Memorial is an exotic kinetic scout rifle added in Year 5 of Destiny 2. It can be acquired via the Memorial-themed quest or as a random world drop.

This rifle features the intrinsic perk “Iron Remembrance” which grants bonus damage when aiming down sights and after reloading. The catalyst provides auto-loading holster.

It’s a 180 RPM precision frame scout with well-rounded stats and perk options catered towards PvE ad clear and honorable PvP duels. The connections to Iron Lord Felwinter also give it rich lore significance.

Overall, A Fine Memorial provides a great exotic scout option whether clearing ads or dueling guardians, especially with the catalyst unlocked.

Stats, Perks, and Intrinsic Trait

Here are the key stats and perks for A Fine Memorial:

RPM: 180
Impact: 67
Range: 63
Stability: 44
Handling: 74
Reload Speed: 65
Aim Assist: 59
Magazine: 16

Intrinsic Perk: Iron Remembrance – Bonus precision damage when aiming down sights. Bonus damage for a short duration after reloading.

Barrel Perks: Arrowhead Brake, Extended Barrel, Smallbore

Magazine Perks: Accurized Rounds, Appended Mag, Flared Magwell

Trait Perks:

  • Underdog
  • Moving Target
  • Snapshots Sights
  • No Distractions

The intrinsic perk Iron Remembrance synergizes well with the trait perks for consistent damage uptime. A Fine Memorial lends itself to a calculated playstyle, rewarding precision shots and timely reloads.

Lore Behind A Fine Memorial

A Fine Memorial is themed around Iron Lord Felwinter and nostalgia for the lost glory of the Plaguelands.

Felwinter Peak where the Iron Lords resided succumbed to SIVA corruption and disaster. A Fine Memorial represents honoring the fallen by channeling Felwinter’s bold spirit.

The flavor text reads:

“Etched with reminders of a proud few who sacrificed all for humanity’s continued existence.”

This refers to the ultimate sacrifice made by Felwinter and his comrades. So wielding A Fine Memorial keeps their bold legacy alive through deeds of valor.

The name also references Felwinter’s powerful shotgun Felwinter’s Lie. Paired together, these weapons form a fine memorial indeed to one of the greatest Iron Lords.

How to Get A Fine Memorial

There are two main ways to obtain A Fine Memorial:

Memorial-Themed Quest

Complete this multi-step quest focused on the Plaguelands and Iron Lords. Requires plenty of boss kills, patrols, and overrides.

Random World Drop

Has a small chance to drop from any loot source. Umbral Engrams, bosses, and completed activities can provide a chance.

The Memorial quest will provide the most reliable path to acquiring this exotic. But grinding high volume sources like strikes, public events, and Crucible matches can also eventually yield it as a random drop.

Catalyst and How to Unlock It

The catalyst for A Fine Memorial provides the Auto-Loading Holster perk which automatically reloads the weapon over time.

To unlock the catalyst, you need to:

  • Complete the Memorial-themed quest
  • Get 500 kills with A Fine Memorial
  • Complete the “Remembrance” Triumph

This requires plenty of PvE ad clears and some Crucible guardian takedowns with the weapon equipped. But the auto reload from the catalyst makes it very worthwhile!

Best Perk Combos and Builds

Here are some recommended perk combos:


  • Arrowhead Brake + Accurized Rounds + Underdog + No Distractions
  • Smallbore + Appended Mag + Moving Target + Snapshots Sights


  • Extended Barrel + Flared Magwell + Moving Target + Underdog
  • Arrowhead Brake + Accurized Rounds + Snapshots Sights + No Distractions

For PvE, boosting stability, aim assist, and damage perks like No Distractions will make cleaning ads very consistent.

For PvP, range and target acquisition are crucial, so perks like Moving Target and Underdog will help win duels.

Pairing with the Reload Dodge on Hunter or Marksman’s Dodge on Titan synergizes extremely well with the intrinsic perk too.

PvE vs PvP Performance

Here’s how A Fine Memorial excels in PvE vs PvP:


  • Intrinsic perk wrecks trash mobs and majors
  • Strong and consistent precision damage
  • Adaptive RPM good for ad clear
  • Underdog and No Distractions great for sustained DPS


  • Very accurate once ADS with good target acquisition
  • Moving Target great for strafing duels
  • Snapshot Sights allows fast, reactive shooting
  • Radar tuner helps maintain awareness

While A Fine Memorial performs admirably in both sandboxes, most will find it edges out the competition more in PvE activities where leveraging the intrinsic perk is easier.

Ranking Against Other Exotics

A Fine Memorial is a very solid exotic scout, but how does it compare against others like Polaris Lance and Symmetry?

It can’t match the raw add clear power of Trinity Ghoul with its lightning arrows. And guns like Polaris Lance offer higher skill ceilings.

But the intrinsic damage bonus gives it very reliable precision punch. Ease of use and well-rounded traits make it more appealing than scouts like Skyburner’s Oath.

Overall, A Fine Memorial deserves a top 5 spot among exotic scouts, even if it doesn’t definitively top any one niche. It’s a jack of all trades that’s easy to wield.

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Q: Does A Fine Memorial have random perk rolls?

A: No, the perks are fixed. Only the barrel and magazine perks are random.

Q: Does the catalyst quest require PvP or just PvE?

A: The catalyst can be unlocked via PvE kills only if you prefer.

Q: Is A Fine Memorial hitscan or projectile based?

A: It fires hitscan rounds like most scouts for instant damage.

Q: Can the memorial quest be skipped if you get a random drop first?

A: Yes, you can abandon the quest if the random drop occurs beforehand.

Q: Does A Fine Memorial use special or primary ammo?

A: It’s in the kinetic slot and uses primary ammo.

And that covers everything you need to know about A Fine Memorial exotic scout rifle in Destiny 2! Honor the fallen Iron Lords by wielding this versatile weapon.

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