10 Funny photo editor Apps you must try

Funny photo editor apps can be easily found on the internet. There is a list of applications and tools that can help you to edit your photos.

We all know how important photos can be. They tell a story and left an everlasting memory. You can look at them a year after and still remember the fun time that you spent.  

One more thing that can help you enhance your picture’s worth is editing. You can edit your pictures and create a masterpiece. The best part is that you don’t need any technical editing skills for that. You can add some creativity and humor to these photos to make them even better. 

There are applications that can help you do this. Many of the applications available are not worth your time, so we have gathered some of the best apps here to save you time and energy. We have selected the 10 best funny photo editor apps that you can use to add humor to your photos. Let’s start!

1. Photo Wrap

The first application on our list is called the Photo Wrap. It is available on the Google Play Store. With the help of this app, you can edit your photos. It allows you to change the shape of your face in your pictures. You can use this app to prank your friends and melt their faces in a recording. You need to try it out.

2. Funny Camera

Funny Camera is one of the most creative funny photo editor apps. It allows you to experiment with different templates. You can edit funny pictures on portraits and other meme-genic content. 

There are many funny frames available on the application. You should check it out you will surely find a suitable frame.

3. Image Faker

Another funny photo editor app is Image Faker. This app allows you to edit your pictures and put somebody’s head on a goat’s body. There are many other templates available as well. 

You can do a lot with this app like putting someone’s image on a wanted poster or anything that you want. You can prank your friends using this application. You should check this app out.

4. Animal Face

This app is especially for iPhone users. Animal Face allows you to change people’s faces with an animal of your choice. This works for any picture. You can edit as many pictures as you want. You get a list of animal heads that you can use to edit. 

You can use these animal heads in any of your friend’s photos. There are heads of dogs, horses, and many other animals. You can choose from them and create funny photos. It is surely a nice funny photo editor app. You can get it on the app store for free.

5. Paper Camera 

If you like cartoons and want to put a cartoonish effect in your photos then Paper Camera can help you with that. This android application can help you to put cartoon effects on your pictures. You can convert your pictures to comic-like photos. 

You can use a picture of yourself to become a cartoon character. Many people edit their photos like this. This concept is interesting but at the same time can be funny and creative. So do check it out.

6. Funny Picture

The next funny photo editor app is Funny Picture. This app allows you to edit your photos using different effects. You can create a funny picture by adding or cutting out colors. Other than that, it also has some effects that you can apply to your pictures. With the combination of different effects, you can create a funny photo. So do try it out.

7. Meme You

If you like memes and want to make some of your own then there is no better option than Meme You. This application is available for apple users. You can download it and create memes. 

There are many meme templates and faces that you can use to create memes. There are a whole lot of meme faces and figures, even some of the most popular meme templates are also available. You can use them to create masterpieces.

8. Insta Meme

Insta Meme is probably one of the best funny photo editor apps on the list. This amazing application can help you bring out your creativity and humor into pictures. It has a lot of different meme templates that you can utilize to bring out your creative side. 

The amount of meme templates that are available on Insta Meme is amazing. You should try it out at least once. If you have good humor then you can become a member through this app.

9. In 20 Years

In 20 Years is a website that predicts a person’s face in 20 years based on a picture provided. It is a popular website and this edit is also trendy. You must have seen these In 20 years of edits on social media. 

With the help of this website, you can make your own In 20 Years image. It is a nice way to create funny pictures. You can use this website to prank your friends by putting their photos and getting an In 20 Years photo of them. You can visit the website and try it out without downloading it!

10. Dumpr

Dumpr is another online tool for editing photos. This website is available for free. You can visit the website and upload a photo that you want to edit. After that, you can edit it. There are many effects available on the website that you can apply. 

You can change the shape of the face, you can add filters to the picture, and do a lot of other stuff. Choose from the available effects and edit your photo. Once done, click on save and your photo will save.


If you are looking for funny photo editor apps to edit your friend’s photos then you need to check out the above list of articles. We have included apps and websites that can help you add humor to your pictures. You can create memorable pictures with these applications.

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