Guide to Fixing Instagram App Crashing on iPhone

Instagram transforming into a nonstop highlight reel of your best moments and connecting you with friends. But nothing interrupts the Instagram experience worse than constant app crashing. If Instagram keeps freezing and force quitting on your iPhone, don’t lose hope.

This comprehensive troubleshooting guide will explore all the typical causes of Instagram crashes on iOS and simple step-by-step solutions to get the app up and running smoothly again.

We’ll cover quick fixes like reinstalling Instagram, account conflicts, clearing caches, updating iOS, and even downgrading or jailbreaking for older iPhones. You’ll also learn preventative measures to stop future Instagram crashes. Let’s conquer those pesky crashes once and for all!

Troubleshoot the Basics First

Before diving into complex solutions, rule out basic issues first:

Update iOS – Ensure you have the latest iOS version installed. Outdated operating systems commonly cause app crashes. Go to Settings > General > Software Update to download the newest iOS firmware.

Update Instagram – Similarly, make sure the Instagram app is fully up to date via the App Store Updates tab. Older app versions may be incompatible.

Restart iPhone – Forced rebooting your iPhone flushes out memory leaks and resets systems. Press and hold the Power and Home buttons together until the Apple logo appears.

Free Up Storage – Low storage space leads to instability. Offload large photos and videos with built-in storage management or delete unused apps to free up room.

Disable Background App Refresh – Too many background apps placing demands can overload your phone. Turn off Background App Refresh in Settings for Instagram if crashes persist.

Uninstall/Redownload – Corrupt app files commonly cause crashing. Delete and reinstall Instagram from scratch to eliminate file issues.

With basics ruled out, now let’s investigate more advanced troubleshooting steps.

Log Out and Back In

Logging out then logging back into your Instagram account essentially resets the app data. To log out:

  1. Tap your profile picture in the bottom right corner
  2. Tap the 3 line Menu button in the top right
  3. Choose Log Out
  4. Confirm logging out
  5. Enter your username and password to log back in

Logging out refreshes your account data within the app which remedies certain crashing bugs caused by corrupted caches or data.

Remove and Re-Add Your Account

For continual crashes, take the more dramatic step of completely removing your Instagram account from your iPhone, then adding it again fresh:

  1. Go to iPhone Settings > Passwords & Accounts
  2. Select your Instagram account under Accounts
  3. Tap Delete Account and confirm deletion
  4. Open the Instagram app
  5. Re-enter your username and password to add your account back

This forces the app to fully re-authenticate your account and rebuild associated data from scratch. The nuclear approach for stubborn crashes.

Update or Replace Your Phone

If your iPhone model is over 5 years old, outdated hardware may be preventing Instagram from running properly.

Upgrading to a newer iPhone with more RAM and processing power could resolve constant crashes. Or if keeping your current iPhone, consider replacing the battery to boost performance.

At minimum, ensure old iPhones have the latest supported iOS version. While inconvenient, a hardware upgrade is the only permanent solution for obsolete devices.

Use Alternative Instagram Apps

Third-party Instagram clients like Rocket or Gramophone offer feature-rich experiences while avoiding bugs plaguing the official app.

Downsides are missing some functions like Reels. But alternative apps provide a crash-free way to access Instagram on incompatible iPhones.

However, be wary of privacy, data usage, logins, and client instability. Proceed with caution using unofficial Instagram apps.

Jailbreak Your iPhone

For older iPhone models with crashed Instagram apps, jailbreaking opens advanced troubleshooting options:

  • Downgrade Instagram – Install compatible older app versions.
  • Block Updates – Stop forced latest updates causing issues.
  • Freeze App – Keep Instagram frozen in ideal state.
  • Customize Settings – Adjust hardware usage, memory, and more.

But jailbreaking comes with significant security and stability risks. Only pursue as a last resort with research.

Common Crash Causes on iOS

Now that we’ve covered troubleshooting steps, let’s explore the common causes behind Instagram crashes on iPhone:

Outdated Application

If you don’t keep Instagram updated via the App Store, eventual compatibility issues lead to crashing as iOS evolves. Always run the latest app version.

Outdated iOS

Similarly, outdated iOS firmware versions lack optimizations and compatibility for running newer Instagram app versions, resulting in instability. Regularly update iOS.

Insufficient Storage Space

With limited storage, background processes in Instagram have nowhere to temporarily write data, causing crashes. Keep 15%+ free space on your iPhone.

App File Corruption

Glitches during app install or updating can damage Instagram’s local files, preventing proper loading and operation, hence the crashes. Reinstalling the app typically fixes file corruption.

Conflicting Apps or Services

Other apps with background services, location access or excessive notifications that conflict with Instagram’s processes will cause crashing and instability. Disable or remove problematic apps.

Jailbreak Tweaks and Mods

Hacked Instagram apps, injected tweaks, and UI mods common with jailbreaking often conflict with Instagram’s official code, leading to routine crashes. Use official app only.

Server Outages

During widespread Instagram server issues, constant disconnects and failed data syncing creates massive crashing and freezes. Simply wait for Instagram to resolve server problems.

iOS or App Bug

Pivotal bugs that slip into iOS versions or Instagram app updates can introduce crashing until fixed in a subsequent patch. Update to latest iOS and Instagram to resolve bugs quickly.

As you can see, most causes stem from outdated software, storage scarcity, instability from mods, or temporary server outages. Following troubleshooting best practices prevents the majority of Instagram crashing scenarios.

Tips to Prevent Future Instagram Crashes

Once you’ve stabilized your crashing Instagram app, utilize these preventative measures moving forward:

  • Always keep Instagram updated to latest version
  • Maintain latest iOS firmware through system updates
  • Schedule regular iPhone restarts to clear memory
  • Free up storage when nearing capacity
  • Avoid unsupported mods and injected tweaks
  • Disable Background App Refresh for Instagram if issues arise
  • Contact Instagram Support if crashing persists after updates
  • Monitor Instagram’s known issues page for outage alerts
  • Consider upgrading iPhone model every 4-5 years

Proactive app maintenance and performance care makes Instagram crashes rare rather than regular annoyances.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Fixing Instagram Crashes

Here are answers to some commonly asked questions about resolving Instagram crashes on iPhones:

Q: Why does my Instagram app keep freezing and crashing?

A: The main causes are outdated app/iOS versions, corrupt files, insufficient storage, conflicts from tweaks or mods, and temporary Instagram server outages.

Q: Should I delete then reinstall Instagram to stop crashes?

A: Yes, deleting and reinstalling the app eliminates any corrupted files that may be causing stability issues.

Q: Does logging out and back in help fix Instagram crashes?

A: Logging out and back in refreshes your account data within the app which resolves some crashing problems.

Q: What iPhone models are too old to run Instagram properly?

A: Models older than the iPhone 7 will likely experience crashing due to outdated hardware. Upgrading is the permanent fix.

Q: Is jailbreaking my iPhone causing Instagram to crash?

A: Yes, unauthorized tweaks and mods introduced while jailbroken commonly trigger Instagram crashing. Use the official app only.

Q: Will resetting all iPhone settings fix my Instagram app?

A: It could resolve software issues, but results are mixed. Try less drastic steps first before full settings wipe.

Q: Should I restore my iPhone to factory settings to stop crashes?

A: As a last resort when no other fixes work, yes – but back up your data first, as you’ll lose it.

With some consistent troubleshooting, you can keep Instagram running smoothly. Don’t let pesky crashes sabotage your Instagramming!


Dealing with constant Instagram crashes can wreck the experience and disconnect you from friends. By methodically troubleshooting and pinpointing the culprit causing your particular crashes, whether it’s outdated software, storage shortages, app file corruption or device age, you can arrive at a tailored solution.

Patience and diligence are key, as well as utilizing preventative measures moving forward. With this guide’s help getting to crash-free Instagram bliss, you can spend more time capturing and sharing life’s moments, without losing them to a frozen screen. The steps outlined will get you back to vibrant Instagram memories that play seamlessly from start to finish!


This article offers suggestions to troubleshoot and resolve Instagram app crashing problems based on common user scenarios and recommended fixes. However, Anthropic provides no guarantee of results, as individual device configurations may vary. Always exercise caution when modifying settings and consult official Apple iOS and Instagram support channels as needed. Apply any optimizations at your own risk.

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