Heritage Shotgun in Destiny 2 and its Stats on Light.gg

Heritage is a legendary kinetic precision shotgun introduced in Destiny 2’s Beyond Light expansion. It drops from the Deep Stone Crypt raid and stands out for its high range, stability, and Reconstruction perk roll.

This guide will cover everything PvE and PvP players need to know about the Heritage shotgun based on its Light.gg rolls, how to earn it, god perk combinations, and frequently asked questions.

Heritage Overview

  • Archetype – Precision Frame (Slug Shotgun)
  • Impact – 65
  • Range – 32
  • Stability – 47
  • Rounds Per Minute (RPM) – 55
  • Magazine Size – 4
  • Default Shader – Deep Stone Crypt

Heritage is the only slug shotgun that can roll with Reconstruction, an exceptionally beneficial perk for PvE. The intrinsic High-Impact Frame perk boosts its damage and range further.

Heritage’s Stats on Light.gg

Here are the key stats for the Heritage shotgun on Light.gg, which provides weapon analytics:

  • Usage – 5%
  • Kills – 16%
  • Precision % – 29%
  • Average Kills per User – 1,907
  • Win Rate – 54%

These stats highlight Heritage’s popularity in PvP and PvE due to its versatile perk combinations. The high 29% critical hit percentage underlines the precision slug shotgun playstyle demanded by this weapon.

Heritage’s God Roll on Light.gg

The community-voted god roll for Heritage on Light.gg is:

  • Barrel – Full Choke / Corkscrew Rifling
  • Magazine – Assault Mag / Accurized Rounds
  • Perk 1 – Reconstruction
  • Perk 2 – Recombination
  • Masterwork – Range

This roll maximizes range and damage output with Reconstruction constantly refilling the magazine after a brief period of stowage.

Alternative Great PvE Rolls on Light.gg

While the god roll is suited for high difficulty content, some alternate great rolls on Light.gg for easier PvE include:

  • Reconstruction + Demolitionist
  • Reconstruction + Trench Barrel
  • Reconstruction + One-Two Punch
  • Lead from Gold + Trench Barrel

These provide excellent add clear, ability regeneration or burst damage potential for casual PvE activities.

Best Heritage PvP Roll on Light.gg

For PvP engagements, the ideal Heritage roll on Light.gg is:

  • Full Choke / Smallbore
  • Accurized Rounds / Assault Mag
  • Slideshot
  • Opening Shot
  • Range Masterwork

This enhances consistent one-hit kill potential up close and improves range for better consistency in slug shotgun duels.

How to Get Heritage in Destiny 2

Heritage is a raid exclusive drop from the Deep Stone Crypt on Europa. It can drop from any encounter or hidden chests at random.

Your chances increase at:

  • Secret Chests after sparrowing down from spacewalk and security tunnels.
  • Scan chest with correct data after Atraks boss.
  • Completing the final Taniks boss encounter.

Heritage has a high drop chance from the end boss but completing hidden chests and scans weekly gives more opportunities across all characters.

Heritage Farming Tips

  • Equip Ghost armor mod for extra raid drops.
  • Farm hidden chests each week with all three classes for bonus chances.
  • Complete at least the spacewalk and security tunnel secret chests after Atraks if short on time.
  • Don’t skip scan chest after Atraks because no time limit like secret ones.
  • Use raid banners before the final boss to farm multiple rolls from repeated completions.

Following these tips will significantly increase your chances of getting a good Heritage roll.

Is Heritage Worth Keeping?

Heritage is definitely worth holding onto because:

  • It’s the only slug shotgun that can roll Reconstruction.
  • Provides excellent burst damage and ammo economy for PvE.
  • Has intrinsic High-Impact frame perk for bonus range/damage.
  • Slideshot and Opening Shot combos greatly improve PvP consistency.
  • Pairs perfectly with slug shotgun champion mods like Unstoppable.
  • Lets you make Warmind Cells via Wrath of Rasputin.
  • Offers unique Cryosthesia 77K themed weapon design.

Heritage is a versatile kinetic special weapon worthy of your vault space.

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Here are some frequently asked questions about the Heritage shotgun:

Q1. Does Heritage drop from Deep Stone Crypt raid only?

Yes, Heritage is exclusive to the DSC raid’s loot pool.

Q2. What is Heritage’s default magazine size?

Heritage comes with a magazine size of 4 rounds.

Q3. Does Heritage have random rolls?

Yes, Heritage can roll randomly with different barrel, magazine, and perk options.

Q4. Can Heritage be crafted?

Unfortunately, Heritage cannot be crafted at this time in Destiny 2.

Q5. What is Heritage’s RPM speed?

Heritage has a rounds-per-minute (RPM) fire rate of 55, which is standard for precision slug shotguns.

Q6. Does Heritage benefit from Unstoppable Force seasonal artifact mods?

Yes, Heritage can slot anti-champion Unstoppable mods when available.

Q7. What weapon archetype is Heritage?

Heritage belongs to the precision shotgun archetype focused on high damage slugs rather than pellet spreads.

Q8. Can Heritage one-shot to the body in PvP?

No, Heritage requires a headshot for a one-hit kill in Crucible unless buffed by something like Inertia Override.

Q9. Does Heritage have blinding grenades?

No, blinding grenades only roll on breech-loaded grenade launchers in Destiny 2.

Q10. What element is Heritage?

Heritage is a kinetic shotgun so it does not have a specific damage element associated with it.

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