How to Add a DasherDirect Card to Apple Pay

DasherDirect is a free debit card offered by DoorDash to its delivery drivers, known as Dashers. It enables Dashers to get paid instantly after each delivery instead of waiting for weekly payouts. The DasherDirect debit card can be added to Apple Pay for quick and convenient payments using an iPhone or Apple Watch.

This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to add your DasherDirect card on Apple Pay and manage it using the Wallet app.

Introduction to DasherDirect Debit Card

The DasherDirect card is a Visa debit card that lets DoorDash drivers get paid after every completed delivery. Earnings from deliveries get transferred instantly to this account instead of having to wait for weekly direct deposits to their main bank account.

It functions like any other debit card for purchases online or at stores. There are no monthly fees or minimum balances. It can be used anywhere Visa is accepted and lets you withdraw cash from ATMs.

Adding the DasherDirect card to Apple Pay links it to your device for contactless mobile payments in stores, apps and websites. You can add the card on your iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch for Apple Pay transactions.

Benefits of Adding DasherDirect Card to Apple Pay

Here are some benefits of linking your DasherDirect debit card to Apple Pay:

  • Use your earnings for purchases instantly via Apple Pay instead of waiting days for bank transfer
  • Leave your physical card at home and pay conveniently via iPhone or Apple Watch instead
  • Quick and easy checkout at merchants accepting Apple Pay
  • Secure purchases protected by Face ID or Touch ID authentication
  • Receive and redeem DoorDash credits instantly from your device
  • Track spending and DasherDirect balance right in the Apple Wallet app
  • Good option when your phone battery is low and you don’t want to dig out your physical card

Overall, adding your DasherDirect debit card to Apple Pay gives you faster access to your DoorDash earnings for everyday spending and mobile payments.

Requirements to Add DasherDirect Card to Apple Pay

To add your DasherDirect card to Apple Pay, you need:

  • iPhone 6 or later running iOS 12.1 or higher
  • iPad Pro, iPad Air 2 or iPad Mini 3 and above running iOS 12.1 or higher
  • Any Mac model introduced in 2012 or later running macOS 10.14 Mojave or later
  • Apple Watch Series 1 or later running watchOS 5.1 higher
  • DasherDirect debit card issued by Stride Bank
  • Valid DasherDirect card number, expiration date and CVV security code
  • Internet connection and Apple ID signed into your device

Your DasherDirect debit card details will be added to the Wallet app on each device for making Apple Pay transactions.

How to Add DasherDirect Card to Apple Pay on iPhone

Here are step-by-step instructions to add a DasherDirect card on your iPhone’s Apple Pay:

  1. Launch Wallet app on your iPhone
  2. Tap on the + icon in the top-right to add a card
  3. Select the option for Debit or Credit Card
  4. Use your iPhone camera or manually enter your DasherDirect card details – card number, expiration date and security code
  5. Ensure the right card details are entered
  6. Tap Next to verify and add the card
  7. Read and accept the terms and conditions
  8. Your card issuer will verify the details to activate Apple Pay
  9. Follow the prompts to complete activation via SMS or call
  10. Set up Apple Pay Cash (optional) which enables person to person transfers
  11. Your DasherDirect debit card is now successfully added to Apple Pay!

You can now start using the card via Apple Pay on your iPhone to make secure contactless payments in stores, apps and websites.

Adding DasherDirect Card to Apple Pay on Apple Watch

To add your DasherDirect card for use on Apple Pay with your Apple Watch, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure your Apple Watch is compatible and paired to your iPhone
  2. Also add the DasherDirect card to Apple Pay on your iPhone
  3. Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone
  4. Go to the My Watch tab
  5. Tap on Wallet & Apple Pay
  6. Under Available Cards, tap on your DasherDirect card
  7. Toggle on Mirror to Apple Watch to add the card
  8. Enter your Apple Watch passcode if prompted
  9. Your DasherDirect card will sync from iPhone to your Apple Watch
  10. You can now use the card via Apple Pay directly on your watch

The card will now be available on both your iPhone and synced Apple Watch for making quick Apple Pay transactions on the go.

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Managing DasherDirect Card in Apple Pay

To manage your DasherDirect debit card in Apple Pay, open the Wallet app on your iPhone and tap on the card. Here are some things you can do:

  • Check recent transactions made using DasherDirect card via Apple Pay
  • View current card balance or weekly spending on DasherDirect
  • Disable the card temporarily in Apple Pay
  • Update the card details if new expiry date or CVV issued
  • Remove the card fully from Apple Pay
  • Disable Apple Pay Cash if you enabled it previously
  • View details statement and billing information

The Wallet app lets you monitor your DoorDash earnings and manage the DasherDirect debit card conveniently right on your iPhone.

Using DasherDirect Card via Apple Pay In-Store

To use your DasherDirect debit card using Apple Pay in retail stores:

  • Wake your iPhone screen or double-click side button on Apple Watch
  • Hold device near the payment terminal where you see the Apple Pay or contactless logo
  • Authenticate using Face ID on iPhone or double-click side button on Apple Watch
  • Card details are sent via NFC once authenticated
  • Follow prompts on pin pad or payment terminal to complete
  • Look for checkmark on device screen confirming successful Apple Pay payment

This offers the most convenient way to pay in stores using the earnings deposited instantly to your DasherDirect debit card.

Using DasherDirect Card via Apple Pay In Apps and Websites

You can also use your DasherDirect card added on Apple Pay to make purchases within apps and websites:

  • When checking out, look for Apple Pay as a payment option
  • On iPhone, authenticate with Face ID to approve payment
  • On Mac, double-click the side button on paired Apple Watch or authenticate using Touch ID
  • Payment will process using the DasherDirect card details through Apple Pay
  • Receipt is viewable on the app or site after checkout
  • Transaction also appears in Wallet app on your iPhone

This allows you to easily shop online or in apps using the funds available through your DasherDirect debit card.

Tips When Using DasherDirect Card via Apple Pay

Here are some useful tips to keep in mind when using your DasherDirect card through Apple Pay:

  • Always confirm name of the merchant before authorizing transactions
  • Take care when using public WiFi or devices as card details can be intercepted
  • Monitor your card transactions frequently for any suspicious activity
  • Transfer excess earnings to your bank account for long term savings
  • Disable Apple Pay Cash if you enabled it but don’t want person to person transfers
  • Contact DoorDash support if your DasherDirect card is lost/stolen
  • Update new card details in Apple Pay if your card is reissued or expired

Following these tips will help you have a smooth experience managing and using your DasherDirect card with Apple Pay.

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Revoking DasherDirect Card from Apple Pay

To remove your DasherDirect debit card from Apple Pay:

  1. Open the Wallet app on your iPhone
  2. Tap on your DasherDirect card
  3. Scroll down and tap Remove Card
  4. Provide Face ID or passcode confirmation
  5. Your DasherDirect card is now removed from Apple Pay
  6. Repeat steps on other devices like Apple Watch to remove completely

Once removed, you can still revert back and add the card to Apple Pay again at any time.


Adding the DasherDirect debit card to Apple Pay allows DoorDash drivers to access their earnings faster for everyday spending using iPhone, Apple Watch and Mac.

It enables tap and go contactless payments as well as online and in-app purchases using the funds instantly deposited after completing deliveries.

By following the setup guide and usage instructions outlined in this article, Dashers can maximize the benefits of having their DasherDirect card on Apple Pay for greater convenience and utility.

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