How to Change Your Age on Twitter

Twitter requires users to be at least 13 years old to create an account. If you signed up when you were younger and entered an incorrect birthdate, you may now want to update your age to reflect your actual age. While Twitter doesn’t have a direct way to edit your birthday, there are some workarounds to effectively change your listed age.

Why Update Your Age on Twitter?

Here are some key reasons you may want to update your age information on Twitter:

  • Reflect your real age – Once you turn 13, you can change your listed birthday to be accurate. This ensures you comply with Twitter’s minimum age rules.
  • Access age-restricted content – Certain accounts, tweets, and ads may only be visible to users over a specific age that you can’t see with a falsified younger birthdate.
  • Avoid account suspension – Twitter may suspend accounts listing an age under 13 if it discovers the birthdate is fake. Updating your age can avoid this risk.
  • Get personalized recommendations – Twitter uses your birthdate to better customize content suggestions, advertisements, and other recommendations shown in your feed.
  • Participate in age-verified features – Some Twitter polls, contests, groups, and other features require verified 13+ ages and may exclude younger accounts.

Requirements to Change Your Birthdate

To change your birthdate on Twitter, you must meet certain requirements:

  • Be at least 13 years old – Twitter does not allow users under 13 to have accounts at all. You can only update your age if you are actually 13 or older.
  • Have a valid email or phone number – Your Twitter account must be verified with an email address or phone number to be eligible for birthdate changes.
  • Know your password – You’ll need to log into your Twitter account to submit forms, so ensure you know your correct password.
  • Be the account owner – For legal reasons, Twitter only allows the original account creator to update birthdate information through support requests.

Meeting these requirements ensures Twitter can verify your identity and confirm you meet the minimum age to make changes to your account details.

Things You CAN’T Do

There are a couple of restrictions around changing your birthdate on Twitter:

  • You cannot edit your birthday directly in account settings.
  • You cannot make yourself younger than 13 once your account has been created.
  • Support will not adjust your birthdate to an age under 13 for any reason.
  • Automated forms can’t reduce your age below what’s legally allowed on sign up.

So you must be honest about your real age – Twitter has safeguards in place to prevent illegal activity like adults impersonating children.

Method 1: Update Birthdate Through Support Form

The recommended way to update your birthday on Twitter is to submit an account information change request through their support form:

  1. Go to the Twitter support page for updating account information here:
  2. Click or tap the blue “Start” button to begin the form.
  3. Enter your email address associated with your Twitter account when prompted.
  4. Select the option for “Update my account information” on the next page.
  5. On the Account Information form, look for the “Birthdate” field.
  6. Enter your accurate date of birth here in MM/DD/YYYY format.
  7. Double check that the new birthdate you entered is correct.
  8. Click the “Submit” button to send your request to Twitter support.
  9. You’ll receive a confirmation email once submitted. Allow 1-2 weeks for Twitter to process and update your birthday.

This is the only official way to modify your birthdate on an existing Twitter account. Doing it directly through support allows Twitter to verify your identity and ensure proper age requirements are met. Be patient as it may take some time to reflect universally.

Method 2: Create New Account with Accurate Birthdate

If you don’t want to wait for the support process, the alternative option is to create a brand new Twitter account with your correct birthdate:

  1. If you haven’t already, update the birthdate on your phone/email accounts to reflect your real age.
  2. Go to or download the Twitter app to sign up for a new account.
  3. When asked for your birthday during signup, enter your actual date of birth this time.
  4. Complete the rest of the steps to set up your new Twitter account with accurate info.
  5. Once your account is created, reach back out to Twitter support to request deactivation of your old underage account.
  6. Migrate your followers from the old account to your new one and update any linked profiles.
  7. Start fresh on your new Twitter with the right birthdate displayed.

This process will create a clean slate with your proper age set from the start. Just be sure to go back and remove your underage account to avoid violations.

Tips for Updating Your Birthdate

To change your age on Twitter smoothly, keep these tips in mind:

  • Only update your birthdate to your real, legal age rather than another random fake date.
  • If under 13, have a parent submit the support request on your behalf to note consent.
  • Make sure the birthdate across all social media accounts matches to avoid issues.
  • Don’t try to create multiple new accounts if your form gets denied – resolve any verification issues.
  • Deleting your old account right away can risk losing followers. Migrate them over first.
  • If your request gets rejected, be patient and wait at least 60 days before submitting again.
  • Make sure your listed age complies with your country’s minimum digital age of consent laws too.

Following this advice will help ensure your birthdate change is successful on the first try through official channels!

What to Do If Twitter Denies your Birthdate Change Request

In some cases, Twitter may reject a request to update your account birthdate. Here’s what to do if this happens:

  • Confirm eligibility – Double check you meet the age, ID verification, and account ownership requirements outlined above.
  • Provide additional verification – Twitter may ask for a scanned ID, selfie, or other documents to confirm your identity if suspicious of fraud.
  • Check for violations – Any past Terms of Service violations on the account could make Twitter deny your request. Maintain a clean record.
  • Wait and reapply – Try waiting at least 60 days before submitting another update form if initially rejected.
  • Apply on desktop – Sometimes mobile forms get blocked. Try submitting from an actual computer instead.
  • Start fresh – As a last resort, create a brand new account with accurate age and migrate followers over.
  • Contact support – If issues persist, reach out to Twitter support directly via email for help investigating why the change was denied.

With some patience and following the proper procedures, you can successfully update your Twitter age in most cases.

Can You Change Your Birthdate on Twitter Without Support?

Because Twitter does not allow users to edit birthdates directly, the only ways to change your age without going through official support are:

  • Creating a new account with accurate age
  • Editing your birthdate on linked networks like Facebook in hopes Twitter syncs the change (unlikely)
  • Using a third party Twitter account creator tool that bypasses age verification (bannable offense)
  • Hacking your Twitter account to alter birthday data in the back-end (illegal)

None of these unauthorized methods are recommended, as they either require starting fresh or violate Twitter’s rules. Getting help directly from Twitter support is always the best option to avoid issues.

Will Changing Your Birthdate Suspend Your Account?

Updating your birthday through Twitter’s official support process will NOT automatically suspend your account. However, there are risks of suspension in other scenarios:

  • Twitter discovers your original birthdate was falsified under the minimum age of 13 and suspends your account.
  • You try to change your age to under 13 once your account is already created, which is prohibited.
  • You use an unauthorized third party tool to alter your birthdate that gets detected.
  • You create multiple new underage accounts after getting one suspended.

To avoid suspension when changing your age, always follow Twitter’s official support procedures honestly using your true birthdate. Never try to improperly make yourself younger than 13.

Can You Retrieve a Suspended Twitter Account?

If your Twitter account does get suspended for originally signing up with a fake age, you may be able to retrieve it by:

  • Filling out an appeal form explaining you are now over 13 and made a mistake originally.
  • Providing verification like a photo ID, parent approval, or school documentation.
  • Agreeing to update to your real birthdate and comply with all Twitter age policies going forward.
  • Waiting out any mandatory temporary suspension period Twitter imposes (30-60 days).

However, if your account engaged in serious repeated violations, Twitter may choose to permanently ban your account instead, in which case retrieving it is unlikely.

What Happens When Twitter Changes Your Birthdate?

Once Twitter support successfully processes your birthdate change request, here is what will happen:

  • Your profile/account settings will reflect the new updated date of birth.
  • Age-based restrictions on content will adjust to treat you as your new age.
  • Ad targeting and recommendations will change to match your new age demographic.
  • You may need to agree again to Terms of Service depending on age differences.
  • Your follower recommendations may shift slightly based on different peer groups.
  • Previously hidden age-restricted tweets and accounts will become visible.
  • You’ll be eligible for contests, polls and features limited by specific ages.

So both your account details and overall Twitter experience can change significantly! Allow at least 1-2 weeks for the adjustments to fully take effect across Twitter’s systems.

Can You Change Your Birthdate Back Afterwards?

In most cases, you cannot revert your Twitter birthdate back to an under 13 age once you have updated to your real age through official support forms. Twitter is unable to make you “younger” again due to legal child safety regulations.

You would need to fully delete your entire account and create a brand new one with the younger fake birthdate again. But this risks getting your new account immediately suspended when Twitter detects you already had an adult account previously.

It’s best just to leave your real age as updated rather than trying to change it back and complicate things further. Don’t worry – updating your age won’t reduce your enjoyment of using Twitter!

Frequently Asked Questions About Changing Your Birthdate on Twitter

Here are answers to some common questions people have about modifying birthdates on Twitter accounts:

Can I change my child’s birthdate on Twitter if they signed up as an adult?

No, only the original account holder can submit birthdate change requests once they turn 13. For children under 13, parents must create a new account with accurate age.

Will updating my age affect my account verification badge or status?

No, altering your birthdate does not impact account verification. As long as you verify your identity, you can maintain any verified badge.

Can someone under 13 just use a parent’s ID to change their birthdate?

No, Twitter requires actual parental consent including a note from your parent along with ID documentation to change ages for kids under 13.

How soon after turning 13 can I update my birthdate on Twitter?

You can submit a birthdate update request on the exact day of your 13th birthday – you do not have to wait any amount of time after turning 13.

What if I entered the wrong birthdate originally but am actually over 13 already?

If you are already over 13, simply provide your correct birthdate when submitting the change request form to Twitter. They will adjust it accordingly.

Can I use a fake age just to get access to adult content without getting suspended?

Attempting to falsify your age just to access mature content goes against Twitter rules and may result in permanent account suspension if discovered.

What should I do if someone else signs up as me with a fake birthdate?

Report the impersonation account via Twitter’s support options. Provide proof of your real identity so Twitter can remove the fake account with the incorrect age.


While Twitter doesn’t offer a direct editing option for dates of birth, users both under and over 13 have ways to update their age through official support requests. Taking the proper steps to change your birthdate rather than using unauthorized workarounds will ensure your account remains in good standing. Just be honest, transparent, and patient throughout the process.

With an accurate birthdate on your Twitter profile, you’ll have access to age-appropriate content, improved recommendations, and avoid issues with minimum age requirements. And you’ll never have to worry about your account getting suspended down the road! So take the time to update your info and enjoy Twitter even more with your real birthdate.

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