How to Fix Google Payments Errors OR-IEH-01 & OR-IEH-02

When trying to make purchases through Google services, you may encounter vague and confusing error codes like OR-IEH-01 or OR-IEH-02. These types of Google Payments errors can prevent successful transactions on platforms like the Play Store, YouTube, and Google Cloud.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explain what causes the OR-IEH-01 and OR-IEH-02 errors, provide tips to troubleshoot and fix the problems, and give steps to avoid the headaches of Google payment failures in the future.

What Exactly Do OR-IEH-01 and OR-IEH-02 Mean?

OR-IEH-01 and OR-IEH-02 are generic Google Payments error codes that translate to:

  • OR-IEH-01 – Cannot process payment method
  • OR-IEH-02 – Cannot complete payment transaction

These errors occur when Google is unable to verify, charge, or complete transactions through your Google Pay profile and registered payment methods.

Several common triggers include:

  • Expired payment method details
  • Insufficient funds
  • Authentication failures
  • Region mismatches between accounts
  • Invalid billing details

Without specific guidance, the OR-IEH-01 and OR-IEH-02 errors provide little useful information to diagnose and resolve the underlying payment problem.

Fortunately, with the right troubleshooting steps, you can usually isolate the cause and fix Google payment errors promptly.

How to Fix Google Pay Error OR-IEH-01

Follow these tips to troubleshoot and resolve the OR-IEH-01 “cannot process payment method” error when making Google purchases:

Confirm Payment Method Details

First, double check that the card number, expiration date, CVC code, and billing details like zip code you entered are 100% accurate with no typos. Incorrect payment data will trigger an error.

Check Payment Method Balance

Log into your bank account or credit card statement to ensure your chosen payment method has sufficient funds available for the transaction amount. Insufficient funds lead to declined payments.

Verify Payment Method Region

The country/region of your payment method must match the country set in your Google account settings. Using a European card on a U.S. Google account for example will produce OR-IEH-01 errors.

Update Expired Payment Details

If your credit/debit card or other payment method recently expired, update the new expiration date and other changed details in your Google Pay profile to avoid declines.

Clear Cookies and Cache

In your browser, clear cookies and cache related to Google Pay, then log out and back into your Google account before re-entering updated payment details. This syncs new data.

Try Different Browsers

Attempt the transaction in alternate web browsers like Firefox, Edge, Chrome, or Safari in case the error is browser-specific. Also try on mobile if encountering issues on desktop.

Use Another Payment Method

Add an additional, valid payment method to your Google account like a different credit card or PayPal account. Attempt checkout with the new method to isolate if issues are related to just one.

Contact Your Payment Provider

If other payment methods also fail, check with your bank or payment provider that they are not blocking transactions to Google. They can verify the card is valid for online payments.

Get Support from Google

If you still get OR-IEH-01 errors after trying these steps, contact Google Support for further specialized troubleshooting assistance. They can investigate issues processing payments.

With enough trial and error using these tips, you should be able to resolve the “cannot process payment method” OR-IEH-01 error and successfully complete purchases through Google.

Fixing the OR-IEH-02 Google Payment Error

For the “cannot complete transaction” OR-IEH-02 error, try these troubleshooting suggestions:

Retry the Transaction

Make sure to retry the purchase multiple times in case of a temporary glitch before assuming an actual error. Sometimes retries go through if it was just a one-off processing snag.

Use a Different Device

Complete the checkout flow on a separate mobile or computer device in case something is misconfigured only on your primary device blocking transactions.

Check Google Account Location

Your Google account’s country must match the transaction currency and store country. For example, trying to buy an app on Google Play India from a U.S. set account will fail.

Disable Browser Extensions

Browser plugins like ad blockers, privacy extensions, or VPNs can sometimes interfere with payment processing on Google sites. Try disabling them temporarily during checkout.

Switch Payment Accounts

If you have multiple Google accounts with payment methods attached, attempt the transaction from a different account profile in case just one is glitched.

Clear Cookies and Cache

Wipe your Google site cookies/cache and reconnect accounts to refresh your session. Stale temporary data can cause conflicts mid-transaction.

Use Guest Checkout

On supported services like Google Play, test using guest checkout without your account and enter fresh payment details to rule out issues with saved methods.

Verify Transaction Details

Double and triple check that all purchase details like product/subscription names, amounts, quantities, durations, and billing cycles match what you expect before the error. Any mismatch can lead to OR-IEH-02.

Contact Google Support

Google’s support team can best investigate stalled transactions and error codes like OR-IEH-02 in their payment systems. Reach out to them if you cannot pinpoint the cause.

With some testing and isolation using these tips, you should get to the bottom of the “cannot complete transaction” error and successfully finish Google purchases that were failing before.

Why Do OR-IEH Google Payment Errors Occur?

There are a few common reasons you may run into vague OR-IEH-01 and OR-IEH-02 errors when making Google transactions:

  • Incorrect or Incomplete Payment Information – Errors in card numbers, expiration dates, billing details etc. lead to transaction failures.
  • Expired Payment Method – Using a card or payment option that has expired recently without updating the details.
  • Insufficient Funds – Not having enough money in your payment account for the transaction total.
  • Region Mismatch – Google account and payment method countries differ. i.e. Using a Canadian card on a U.S. Google account.
  • Authentication Failures – Incorrect CVC codes or other authentication checks during checkout preventing payment processing.
  • Temporary Processing Issues – Brief glitches with Google’s payment systems while otherwise valid transactions are attempted.
  • Conflicts with Browsers or Extensions – Something interferes with payment data transmission. Disabling extensions may help.

Without specific diagnostic error messages, it can be tricky to pinpoint the exact cause of OR-IEH-01 and OR-IEH-02 payment failures. But methodically working through possible reasons using the tips in this guide should help you successfully troubleshoot and fix most occurrences of these nebulous Google payment errors.

How to Avoid OR-IEH Errors Going Forward

Once you’ve resolved any current Google payment issues, take these proactive steps to avoid further OR-IEH errors when making purchases:

  • Keep Payment Methods Up to Date – Check expiration dates routinely and replace expired cards immediately to avoid declines.
  • Manage Account Locations Carefully – Only use locally relevant payment types for each Google account region. Don’t mix regions.
  • Check Funds Before Transactions – Confirm your payment source has sufficient funds to cover the bill to avoid underspending declines.
  • Save Transaction Receipts – Keep order receipts with exact purchase details in case you need to show Google support instances of errors.
  • Clean Up Browser Data – Wipe cookies, cache, and other temporary site data periodically to avoid conflicts during transactions.
  • Enter Details Slowly and Carefully – Take time accurately typing card numbers, CVC codes, names, and other info to prevent typo issues.
  • Create Desktop Shortcuts to Google Pay Sites – Access sites directly rather than through referrals and avoid problematic redirects.

Catching expired cards early, carefully managing payment types for regions, and double checking details can go a long way towards avoiding repeat encounters with vague OR-IEH errors on Google.

Fixing OR-IEH Errors for Specific Google Services

While the troubleshooting tips outlined above apply broadly across Google payments, here are some service-specific issues that can trigger OR-IEH errors and how to resolve them:

Google Play Store

  • Update expired payment method details in Play Store payment settings.
  • If errors persist, clear Play Store app data and cache to reset payment profile.


  • Check location settings for YouTube account match country of payment method.
  • When joining YouTube Premium, don’t use prepaid gift card for recurring billing.

Google Cloud Platform

  • Confirm Cloud Platform project country matches primary Google account and payment countries.
  • If paying with gift card, make sure to apply it to the correct GCP project.

Google Workspace

  • When changing Google Workspace billing plans, use payment method from same account as existing subscription.
  • Ensure account admin privileges to complete Workspace billing transactions.

Google Stadia

  • Only make purchases from the Stadia mobile app or web app where you are signed in, not the game directly.
  • Link Stadia app purchases back to the same main Google account that payment methods are attached to.

Getting Further Help with Google Payment Errors

If none of these troubleshooting tips succeed in resolving your particular OR-IEH-01 or OR-IEH-02 errors, here are some additional resources to help get Google payments working:

  • Google Payments Center – The Google Payments troubleshooter can diagnose issues.
  • Google Support Forums – Search for related payment error threads or post questions.
  • Contact Google Pay Support – Get 1-on-1 help via chat, email or phone.
  • Google Merchant Help – For Play Store publishing payment issues.
  • Reset Google Pay – Wipe payment details as a last resort and re-enter fresh.

Vague Google payment errors can certainly be frustrating, but a bit of trial and error debugging along with guidance from Google themselves can typically get payments successfully processing again.

Summary of Fixing Google OR-IEH Errors

Here’s a quick recap of the key tips covered to fix OR-IEH-01 and OR-IEH-02 errors:

  • Confirm accurate payment details with no typos
  • Check sufficient account funds
  • Use payment sources that match Google account region
  • Replace any expired payment methods with updated details
  • Try different devices and browsers
  • Attempt with alternate payment accounts
  • Clear related browser data and cookies
  • Disable any extensions during checkout
  • Verify transaction specifics like amounts match expectations
  • Seek further help via Google Payments Support

With the right mix of troubleshooting, triage of potential issues, and assistance from Google, you can overcome those frustrating OR-IEH errors and seamlessly complete purchases through Google’s payment systems.

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