How to Get 100,000+ Points in Destiny 2’s First Contact Mission

First Contact is a special limited-time mission in Destiny 2 that became available during the 30th Anniversary event. Completing the mission with a score of 100,000 points unlocks the coveted Forerunner exotic sidearm. Scoring that high takes skill, strategy, and thorough knowledge of how the mission scoring works.

In this guide, we’ll break down everything you need to know to surpass 100,000 points in First Contact, including point mechanics, enemy multipliers, optimal loadouts, route strategies, and playstyle tips.

First Contact takes place in a new area of the Cosmodrome called the Loop. You battle through waves of Taken to disrupt a simulation overseen by Xur and the Starhorse. Combat encounters award points based on number of kills, streaks, precision hits, supers used, and more.

Reaching 100,000 demands maximizing every opportunity for points in each arena. You only have 18 minutes to reach the lofty score. While challenging, it is very doable with the right approach.

Below we will analyze the intricacies of First Contact’s scoring, from static bonuses like streaks to dynamic multipliers based on current objectives. We’ll also provide recommended subclasses and weapons to synergize with point multipliers.

A perfectly optimized route through each combat arena is also provided, with tips on ability and super usage to maximize points during key moments. This includes what sections you can optionally rush past.

With the right loadout, route, and playstyle, reaching 100,000+ points in First Contact is very attainable. Our guide equips you with everything needed to consistently hit that score and add Forerunner to your Exotics collection.

Let’s dive into the strategies that will push your First Contact points into the stratosphere!

Scoring Mechanics and Multipliers

Here are the key scoring mechanics and multipliers to understand:

  • Streak Bonuses – Earning rapid kills builds streaks for bonus points. Higher for more kills per streak.
  • Precision Hits – Prioritize precision damage for 2x points per hit.
  • Super/Ability Kills – Using supers and abilities grants significantly more points than weapons.
  • Target Multipliers – Orange bar enemies are worth more points. Bosses are worth the most.
  • Time Bonuses – Points earned increase each minute up to a 5x multiplier at 18 minutes.
  • Objective Bonuses – Killing enemies in highlighted objective areas grants 2-3x points.

Optimizing Loadout

These are the ideal loadouts:

  • Titan: Thundercrash or Burning Maul with Anarchy and Funnelweb.
  • Warlock: Chaos Reach or Well of Radiance with Anarchy and Funnelweb.
  • Hunter: Blade Barrage or Moebius Quiver with Anarchy and Funnelweb.

Focus on your highest damage super to maximize boss and objective points. Anarchy handles crowd control and Funnelweb cleans up orange bars.

Route and Strategy

Follow this route while optimizing multiplier opportunities:

  • Arena 1 – Clear all enemies then focus fire boss. Use super.
  • Arena 2 – Quickly clear sides then grenade and super down middle on objective enemies.
  • Arena 3 – Clear left side then right. Save super for boss.
  • Arena 4 – Rush to back right room and super large group on objective. Grenade areas safely.
  • Arena 5 – Delete all enemies quickly with super, then focus fire boss.
  • Hallways – Sparingly grenade and rocket groups, but largely rush past to save time and ammo.
  • Final Arena – Chain supers and heavy ammo on bosses and objective areas. Grenade key clusters.

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Do points carry over between runs or reset each attempt?

Your points reset completely each new attempt at First Contact. No scoring or progress persists between runs.

Does a higher difficulty level award more points?

No, the point values and multipliers are exactly the same on all difficulties. There is no scoring benefit to playing on Legend or Master.

Do streak bonuses eventually max out?

Yes, after a streak of 15 rapid kills the bonus points cap out and will not increase. There is no benefit to higher streaks past 15.

Do orange bar enemies have a scoring modifier?

Yes, orange bars are worth significantly more points than regular red bars. Focus on eliminating them first.

Does completing the mission faster award more points?

No, there is no direct bonus for completing First Contact faster. Taking longer gives more enemies, which means more points.

Do assists or defeated enemies count for streaks?

No, only final blows with abilities or weapons count toward increasing your streak and earning those bonus points.

Can fireteam members share points?

No, points are earned individually. Having allies will not directly help increase your point total or multipliers.

Does completing bonus objectives award points?

No, while they may visually pop up, optional objectives like destroying blights do not actually grant any extra points.

Do all bosses and minibosses give large point bonuses?

Yes, any named bosses surrounded by a gold health bar award significantly more points when defeated.

If I die, does it ruin my point multiplier?

No, death does not reset your streak or other multipliers. However, it does waste time, which lowers your potential points. Stay alive!


With this guide, reaching 100,000 points in First Contact is very achievable with the right optimizations. Focus on chaining supers, maximizing ability use on objectives, and leveraging precision weapons to raise your multiplier. Move between areas efficiently while clearing priority targets and you’ll hit that high score in no time. Now get out there and earn the Forerunner exotic! Let us know in the comments if you have any other tips for hitting 100k.

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