How to Remove One-Click Pay on Temu App?

Temu is a popular shopping app that offers great deals on a wide range of products. It provides the convenience of one-click ordering and payments to make purchases faster. However, you may want to disable the one-click pay feature at some point for security or to control spending.

The good news is you can easily remove one-click pay on Temu in a few simple steps. This article covers how to disable one-click payments on both iOS and Android devices.

What is One-Click Pay on Temu?

Temu has a one-click payment feature that allows you to make purchases with a single tap. Once enabled, you don’t have to enter your payment details like credit card information when checking out.

The app saves your payment method for future transactions. You only need to confirm your Temu passcode or fingerprint to complete an order. This makes the checkout process very fast and convenient.

One-click pay is optional on Temu. You can enable it in your payment settings for quicker checkout. However, some users may prefer disabling it at times to enhance security or avoid accidental purchases. The steps below show you how to remove one-click pay on Temu when needed.

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How to Remove One-Click Pay on Temu on iOS

Follow these steps to disable one-click ordering on your iPhone or iPad Temu app:

  1. Launch the Temu app and go to the Profile page
  2. Tap on ‘Settings’ at the bottom right corner
  3. Select ‘Payment Settings’
  4. Under Payment Method, tap on your saved card
  5. Toggle off the switch for ‘One-Click Pay’
  6. The one-click pay feature will now be disabled
  7. You can still use the saved card but have to enter CVV and confirm payment

Once disabled, you will need to enter your card CVV number and manually confirm payment for every Temu purchase. This adds an extra step for security.

To re-enable one-click pay anytime, go back to Payment Settings and toggle on the One-Click Pay switch again.

How to Turn Off One-Click Pay on Temu App for Android

Here are the steps to remove one-click pay on your Temu Android app:

  1. Open the Temu app on your Android device
  2. Tap on your profile icon at the bottom right
  3. Select ‘Settings’
  4. Choose ‘Payment settings’
  5. Tap on your saved payment method
  6. Toggle off the switch next to ‘One-click pay’
  7. Confirm turning off one-click pay by tapping ‘Disable’
  8. One-click ordering is now disabled on your Temu account
  9. Make payments by entering CVV and confirming every order

That’s it! These simple steps will remove the one-click pay functionality on your Temu app for Android. You can re-enable it anytime from the same Payment Settings menu if you want to activate fast one-click checkout in the future.

Why Disable One-Click Pay on Temu?

There are a couple of good reasons you may want to turn off one-click ordering on Temu temporarily:

  • Enhanced security – Disabling one-click pay requires you to enter your CVV and manually authorize every transaction. This prevents unauthorized access if your phone gets lost.
  • Avoid accidental purchases – With one-click disabled, you have to intentionally approve each buy. This prevents mistakenly ordering items with just one tap.
  • Control spending – Having an extra confirmation step before purchases can help prevent impulsive shopping and overspending.
  • Card changes – If you get a new card, disabling one-click pay ensures charges go to the right card until you update your payment method.

You can easily reactivate fast one-click payments later on. Toggling it off is useful when you need a bit more control over spending or security.

Temu Payment Security Tips

Besides disabling one-click pay, also consider these tips to keep Temu purchases secure:

  • Use strong and unique passwords for your Temu account.
  • Enable two-factor authentication for account login.
  • Do not save your Temu password or payment details on public computers.
  • Monitor your purchase history and statements to identify any unauthorized charges.
  • Keep your phone and account passwords safe from access by others.
  • Use a secure screen lock like fingerprint or face ID on your device.
  • Update to latest version of the Temu app for security fixes.
  • Contact Temu support if you notice any suspicious activity on your account.


One-click ordering makes shopping on Temu super fast and convenient. However, you may need to disable this feature occasionally for security purposes or to avoid inadvertent purchases.

Toggling off one-click payments only takes a few seconds on both iPhone and Android devices. You still keep your payment method saved in the app for easy future checkouts.

Remember to re-enable one-click pay when you want to enjoy the full speed and convenience of Temu shopping again. Just follow the simple steps outlined above.

Consider additional tips provided to keep your Temu account and payment information secure. With a few prudent precautions, you can safely enjoy the great deals and fast checkout offered by this popular shopping app.

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