How to Upload and Optimize Videos on Pinterest for Maximum Engagement

Video content is exploding on social media. Based on recent statistics, videos generate 12x more shares than images and text combined.

Pinterest has taken notice of this trend. The platform is moving beyond just images by introducing video Pin features.

Uploading videos can help you get more eyeballs on your brand. But the key is optimizing and promoting the videos for high engagement.

This comprehensive guide will teach you how to:

  • Upload videos to Pinterest step-by-step
  • Format and customize videos for the Pinterest audience
  • Write compelling descriptions using SEO best practices
  • Schedule videos for peak visibility
  • Analyze performance to refine your approach

Prerequisites for Sharing Videos on Pinterest

Before diving into video uploads, ensure your account and content meet Pinterest’s requirements:

  • Switch to a Pinterest Business Profile for greater analytics.
  • Verify your website domain to upload branded video content.
  • Create videos longer than 30 seconds as shorter videos see lower engagement.

Now let’s look at how to optimize and upload video pins for maximum impact.

Step 1: Format and Compress Videos for Pinterest

Pinterest only supports .MP4 video files that are under 1GB in size and 10 minutes in length.

Use free software like Handbrake to compress and convert unsupported video files into .MP4 format. This reduces file size while maintaining quality.

For best results, resize your landscape videos into a 9:16 vertical format fitting 600 x 1050 pixels. Vertical videos take up the entire screen when viewed on mobile.

Step 2: Customize Video Pins for High Click-Through Rate

Pinterest users scroll quickly through their feeds. Your video pins need to grab attention fast to get viewed and shared.

Start with an interesting title using keywords your audience may search for. Keep it under 60 characters so the full title is visible.

The description can elaborate more on the video content. Use natural language, focus keywords, links to related resources for higher click-through rate.

Upload custom thumbnail images from your video as the cover image. Eye-catching thumbnails boost impressions and Pin clicks.

Step 3: Upload Your Video on Pinterest

Uploading videos on Pinterest is easy and straightforward:

  • Login to your Pinterest account and click the + button to create a new Pin.
  • Select the ‘Upload’ option and choose ‘Upload a video’.
  • Pick the video file you want to upload from your computer files.
  • The video will process, then you can add the title, description and cover image.
  • Select the board to pin it to and click ‘Save’ to publish your video pin.

The video will now autoplay as viewers scroll through your boards and their own homefeeds.

Step 4: Promote Your Videos to Increase Engagement

Simply uploading videos is not enough. You need to employ promotion strategies to boost content visibility.

Share your new video pins on social media like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Cross-promoting expands your reach.

Run Pinterest video ads to get your pins shown to more users who may be interested in your niche.

Encourage viewers to save your videos to their own boards for higher distribution.

Repin your video pins multiple times per week to keep recirculating them among your followers.

Step 5: Schedule Your Pinterest Videos for When Your Audience is Most Active

Based on Pinterest analytics, schedule your video pins for peak engagement opportunities.

Typically weekday mornings and evenings see higher traffic as people browse before and after work.

Spread out your video pins over the week for sustained visibility instead of sharing them all at once.

Track performance over time to identify when your audience is most responsive to guide your scheduling.

Step 6: Monitor Metrics to Continuously Improve

Analyze data like impressions and click-through rates for your video content using Pinterest’s analytics.

See which types of videos get the most engagement. Make adjustments to your video strategy based on such insights.

Improving your video performance over time requires diligently tracking and acting on metrics.


Sharing quality video content can significantly boost your Pinterest presence and website traffic. By optimizing videos specifically for Pinterest and promoting them effectively, you can drive more value.

Use this guide to start uploading and scaling video pins to engage your audience.

What tips do you have for getting more views and engagement on Pinterest videos? Let me know in the comments!

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