Learning Light in Destiny 2 – A Complete Guide

Light is one of the core character progression systems in Destiny 2. Mastering the ins and outs of the Light system is key to reaching maximum power for endgame activities. In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know as a new player to understand and optimize your Guardian’s Light level.

What is Light in Destiny 2?

Light is a measure of your Guardian’s power and level in Destiny 2. It determines the damage you deal, the equipment you can equip, and your preparedness for various activities.

Your Light level ranges from 1 to the current hard cap of 1580. Reaching the max Light requires obtaining powerful gear, upgrading your gear, and earning artifact power bonuses through XP.

The higher your Light, the more deadly you become. Raising your Light allows you to take on greater challenges like Nightfalls, Raids, and Trials. Making steady Light gains should be a priority early on.

How is Light Level Calculated?

Your Light is determined by the average Power of all equipped gear including weapons, armor, your Ghost shell, and your emblem. Each individual piece contributes to your total.

The equation is:

(Attack value of Kinetic) + (Energy Attack value) + (Power value of Heavy) + (Helmet + Arms + Chest + Legs + Class Item + Ghost Shell + Emblem Power values) / 8

So a single powerful weapon can raise your overall Light substantially. Keep your highest power gear equipped at all times.

How to Check Your Light Level

You can view your current Light level in several places:

  • Your Ghost UI when opened
  • The Season Pass or Quest screens
  • Inspecting your Guardian or gear pieces
  • Third party apps like Destiny Item Manager

Item tooltips also show if equipping them will raise or lower your Light. Keep an eye on this indicator when managing gear.

Types of Gear for Light Gains

There are two main avenues for earning higher Light gear to boost your Guardian:

1. Powerful Gear

  • Milestones labeled “Powerful Gear” on Director
  • Weekly ritual playlists like strikes, Crucible, Gambit
  • Prime Engrams
  • Seasonal challenges
  • Clan rewards

Powerfuls provide +1 or +2 bumps to your overall Light.

2. Pinnacle Gear

  • 100K Nightfall score
  • Master Wellspring
  • Vow of the Disciple raid
  • Master dungeons
  • Trials wins on Lighthouse visit
  • 4 weekly playlist challenges

Pinnacles offer +2 bumps and are critical to maxing out.

How to Earn XP for the Artifact

The seasonal artifact offers unlimited power gains through accumulating XP.

Some top XP sources:

  • Bounties
  • Seasonal challenges
  • Weekly vendor challenges
  • Season pass levels
  • Public events and activities

Equip XP boosting Ghost mods and focus on bounties to power level your artifact quickly.

Infusion for Bringing Up Lower Gear

Infusion lets you transfer the power from higher Light gear into a preferred item you want to keep using. This sacrifices the high power piece but brings up the weaker gear.

Infusion requires Upgrade Modules and planetary materials. It’s essential for keeping favorite weapons and armor usable as you progress.

Masterworking Gear for Bonus Power

Masterworking a weapon, armor piece, or Ghost shell raises its power by 2-12 depending on the tier.

This requires Enhancement Cores, Prisms, and Ascendant Shards. Masterworking several pieces can give a nice Light boost.

Tips for Fast Light Leveling

Here are some tips to power level your Light efficiently:

  • Equip the highest Light gear always, even if stats are poor. Infuse preferred gear later.
  • Grab bounties daily and finish activities with an XP Ghost mod equipped.
  • Complete all powerful/pinnacle reward sources each week.
  • Target weekly vendor challenges for big XP.
  • Farm Prime Engrams through public events.
  • Masterwork your favorite Exotic armor for a bonus boost.

Endgame Light Level Activities

Here are some of the minimum Light requirements for endgame content:

  • Dungeons: 1520
  • Nightfalls: 1540
  • Trials of Osiris: 1560
  • Grandmaster Nightfalls: 1575
  • Raid: Vow of the Disciple 1550

Reaching the pinnacle cap of 1580 requires serious time investment but allows you to take on any PvE challenge in Destiny 2.

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Here are some common questions about gaining Light in Destiny 2:

Q: What is the max Light level currently?

A: The hard cap is 1580 for Season of the Haunted. The artifact offers unlimited power gains past that.

Q: How often do Powerful and Pinnacle rewards reset?

A: These milestones reset each Tuesday with the weekly reset allowing players to make steady progress.

Q: Where can I find my current Light level?

A: Your Light is visible on your character screen, inventory screen, seasonal ranks, and when you inspect your gear.

Q: Do all items contribute to your Light or just the best ones?

A: Only your single best weapon and armor pieces in each slot contribute to your total Light level.

Q: What is the fastest way to reach max Light?

A: Completing all weekly challenges and pinnacle rewards while also leveling your artifact through bounties.

Q: Can you lose Light level? If so, how?

A: No, your Light will never decrease. Only increase incrementally as you acquire higher powered gear.

Q: What activities should I avoid until I raise my Light further?

A: Avoid Trials, Grandmaster Nightfalls, and Master Raids until you reach near the pinnacle cap to be competitive.

Q: How often should I infuse my gear?

A: Infuse judiciously when drops are holding you back. Upgrade Modules are limited, so be strategic with infusion.

Q: What is the benefit of the seasonal artifact power bonus?

A: It allows continuous growth beyond the hard cap and access to high level seasonal mods. Resets each season.

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