Painted Kitsune Ship in Destiny 2

The Painted Kitsune is one of the most beautiful and rare ships in Destiny 2. This foxy vessel is highly coveted by Guardians for its stunning red and white paint scheme and sleek East Asian stylistic design. In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the Painted Kitsune ship including how to get it and how best to style it as part of your loadout.

Overview and History of the Painted Kitsune

The Painted Kitsune ship is based on Japanese mythological nine-tailed fox spirits called Kitsune. It first appeared during the Season of Opulence released in 2019 as part of the Moments of Triumph reward structure. It could be obtained by completing specific Triumphs during the season.

Since then, it has only appeared a few other times as a very rare Exotic level drop. It remains one of the hardest to acquire ships, made even more desirable by its elegant appearance. Let’s look at how you can get your hands on this exclusive fox ship.

How to Get the Painted Kitsune Ship in Destiny 2

The Painted Kitsune is known as an extremely rare Exotic class ship tied to specific limited-time events. Here are the only known ways it has been available so far:

  • Complete Triumphs during Season of Opulence: This was the original debut method in Moments of Triumph 2019.
  • Festival of the Lost Exotic Cipher Quest: The ship was a potential Exotic Cipher reward in 2020.
  • Xur Exotic Engram Drops: Xur has rarely sold the Engram containing Painted Kitsune.
  • World Drop Exotic: Reportedly an extremely low chance world Exotic drop from any activity.

As you can see, opportunities to obtain the Painted Kitsune are very limited. Your best bet is watching community channels during events like Festival of the Lost for reports of the ship dropping again. Otherwise, pray to RNGeesus for a miracle world drop.

Perks and Stats on the Painted Kitsune Ship

As an Exotic class vessel, the Painted Kitsune comes with excellent stats and useful perks that make it stand out:

  • Agile Thrusters intrinsic perk for enhanced mobility.
  • High overall speed, handling and durability for its class.
  • Quantum Cartography random roll perk that increases planetary resources when on patrol.
  • Can potentially roll impact reduction buffers and other minor perks.

While not a meta pick for competitive modes, the Painted Kitsune is highly valued simply for its beautiful aesthetics. The great stats are just a bonus for collectors.

Styling to Match the Painted Kitsune

The vibrant red and white paint job on the Painted Kitsune offers great opportunities for stylish looks. Here are some ways to match your Guardian with this beautiful vessel:

  • Go for white shaders with red accents to complement the ship’s paint scheme. Try Precursor Vex Chrome, descendant Vex, or Gambit Jadestone.
  • Equip ornaments like Righteous or Luxe that incorporate white with red detailing for a coordinated look.
  • Use red and white Ghost shells like Crimson Passion or Burnt Marshmallow to tie the whole palette together.
  • Match the kitsune theme with the Foxtrot emote or using fox-themed armor projections.

Let your creativity run wild and make a fashion statement with this incredibly rare ship. The Painted Kitsune’s gorgeous East Asian style opens up lots of possibilities for stunning coordinated looks with your Guardian.

Next time this coveted vessel comes around, snag it for both its performance and its aesthetic impact. With the right shaders and ornaments, you’ll be cruising in style with this exotic beauty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the Painted Kitsune currently available in Destiny 2?

A: No, the Painted Kitsune ship is not currently available as of late 2022. It only appears rarely during special events and has not been seen in over a year.

Q: What rarity tier is the Painted Kitsune ship?

A: The Painted Kitsune is classified as an Exotic tier ship, the rarest ship type available in Destiny 2.

Q: Can I earn the Painted Kitsune through playing activities and leveling up?

A: No, it is not earnable through general gameplay. The only methods are tied to limited-time events and extremely luck world drops.

Q: Is the Painted Kitsune a good ship for Sparrow racing?

A: Yes, it has high speed and handling making it a competitive choice for Sparrow Racing League events.

Q: Does the Painted Kitsune ship provide any special perks or bonuses?

A: Yes, it comes with the Agile Thrusters perk for enhanced mobility and the Quantum Cartography perk for increased planetary materials.

Q: Can I use Bright Dust to purchase the Painted Kitsune from Eververse?

A: No, unfortunately it is not available for Bright Dust purchase from Eververse and must be earned through gameplay drops.

Q: Is the Painted Kitsune ship faster than other Exotic ships?

A: No, its speed is similar to other Exotics in its class – the rarity mainly stems from how rarely it drops.

Q: What shaders best match the color scheme of the Painted Kitsune?

A: Shaders like Precursor Vex Chrome, Gambit Jadestone, and Descendant Vex Chrome nicely match its red and white tones.

Q: Will the Painted Kitsune return again in future seasons?

A: Likely yes, but there is no guarantee. It may return for limited-time events or as a world drop, but has no fixed source.

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