Seraph Chests in Destiny 2

Among the most fascinating additions in Destiny 2 Year 4 are the cryptic Seraph Chests scattered across the world. These golden glowing caches contain valuable loot but require decryption keys and puzzle-solving skills to access their mysteries. Driven by curiosity over these ancient warmind vaults, Guardians pursue their obscure keys in complex quests.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about unlocking Seraph Chests for their precious rewards. You’ll learn key locations, how to get access keys, effective puzzle tips, and what coveted loot awaits within. Let’s uncover the secrets of the Seraph Chests!

Seraph Chest Locations

Seraph Chests can be found across Destiny 2’s planets, hidden in remote, hard-to-reach places. Here are some of the major locations:

  • EDZ – The Sludge by a crashed Fallen ship
  • Moon – Anchor of Light nearly buried in lunar dust
  • Tangled Shore – Jetsam of Saturn half-submerged
  • Dreaming City – Rheasilvia pathway along cliffside
  • Europa – Eventide Ruins side room deep under ice
  • Savathun’s Throne World – Miasma cave past veil of water

There are over 50 chests in total across all destinations. Utilizing online maps can help locate them all. Chests reset weekly, so you can re-open already unlocked ones.

Acquiring Seraph Chest Keys

To open a Seraph Chest, you need a decrypted Seraph Key Code. This requires completing hidden public event style objectives called Seraph Tower events.

These involve clearing enemy waves while defending zones, stopping coolant leaks, and defeating bosses. Completing the multi-stage event grants a raw Seraph Key Code.

You then must decipher these codes by shooting puzzle grids in the correct order. This decrypts the key, enabling chest opening. It takes some work, but the rewarding loot is worth it!

Seraph Chest Rewards and Loot

Inside each Seraph Chest awaits valuable goodies, including:

  • High stat seasonal armor – Usually 60+ total stat rolled pieces
  • Umbral and Prime engrams – Chance for exotics and powerful gear
  • Upgrade materials – Enhancement Prisms and Ascendant Shards
  • Seasonal weapons – New SMGs, sidearms, machine guns and more
  • Lore entries – Details on Rasputin, Clovis Bray, and warmind secrets

The gear rolls at or above your current Power level, making them very useful. The unique Ikelos and Seventh Seraph weapons are ideal for warmind cell builds too.

Seraph Chest Puzzle Tips

The cryptographic puzzles sealing each chest involve firing the correct sequence of nodes to form a data key pattern. Here are some tips for solving them:

  • Shoot all nodes first to see the full layout – each one flashes when hit
  • Note repeating node colors/symbols for pattern recognition
  • Try mirroring patterns across X and Y axis for symmetry
  • Follow lines or shapes in the grid for order clues
  • Brute force random sequences if struggling to decipher

With practice, you’ll become an expert at quickly identifying and shooting the right order. The satisfying click of an unlocked chest will be your reward!

Lore and Origins

The contents of Seraph Chests relate closely to Destiny’s ancient warmind Rasputin. Some speculate he created these caches in the Golden Age to house defenses against the Darkness. Others believe they were made by Ana Bray to store backup Rasputin data.

The armor carries the symbol of the Seraph, an organization of Rasputin-controlled warriors and engineers protecting humanity during the Golden Age. Uncovering all the cached lore provides insights into Destiny’s expansive backstory.!

Here are some frequently asked questions about Destiny 2 Lightfall:

Q: When is the release date for Destiny 2 Lightfall?

A: Lightfall is slated for release in February 2023, though an exact date has not been confirmed yet by Bungie.

Q: What new location will Lightfall add?

A: Lightfall will take place in the cyberpunk-inspired neon city of Neomuna on the planet Neptune. This will be a brand new patrol zone for players to explore.

Q: Who is the main antagonist of the Lightfall expansion?

A: The Witness, a mysterious entity of the Darkness first introduced in the original Destiny, will play a central antagonistic role in Lightfall and the overall Final Shape saga finale.

Q: What is the new Darkness power that will be featured?

A: A new Darkness-based power called Strand will debut in Lightfall, which lets Guardians wield thread-like ethereal energies to dominate the battlefield.

Q: How can I get access to Lightfall when it releases?

A: Lightfall will require purchase to play the expansion and gain access to the new content. Pre-orders are available now for all major platforms.

Q: Will there be a new raid in Lightfall?

A: Yes, Bungie has confirmed that a new 6-player raid will arrive with Lightfall, likely set in the strange environments of Neomuna.

Q: Are any existing worlds going away with Lightfall?

A: Nothing is confirmed yet, but it is possible locations from past expansions like the Tangled Shore could enter the Destiny Content Vault.

Q: Will Lightfall conclude the Light and Dark saga?

A: No, Lightfall kicks off the Final Shape arc which will conclude in a third major expansion afterwards in 2024.

Q: What is the recommended power level for Lightfall?

A: As a major expansion, Lightfall will likely have a recommended power of around 1560-1580 to start, increasing to the new max power cap.


Seraph Chests offer devoted Destiny 2 players exciting challenges to unlock meaningful loot and narrative secrets. The quest to obtain those obscured keys tests Guardians’ exploration skills, combat tactics, and puzzle proficiency.should expect these cosmic biological threats to only escalate. But with vigilance and courage, we will push back the Darkness.

Humanity faces no shortage of epic struggles ahead. But Destiny 2 and the travels beyond Lightfall will equip us with the resolve we need to ultimately prevail. Eyes up, Guardian.

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