Sons of the Forest PS5 Release: Possibilities, Speculation, and Everything We Know

Ever since the reveal of Sons of the Forest, the hotly anticipated sequel to the cult survival hit The Forest, PlayStation fans have wondered – will this dark, intense open world game reach PS5 consoles? With its stunning graphics and immersive gameplay, Sons of the Forest seems tailor-made to harness the power of new generation hardware.

While an official PS5 version has not been confirmed yet, there are signs pointing to a future PlayStation release as a strong possibility. In this guide, we’ll break down all the evidence, analysis, rumors, and speculation surrounding a PS5 edition of Sons of the Forest. Let’s investigate!

Background on Sons of the Forest

First, a quick recap on Sons of the Forest for context:

  • Sequel to popular open world horror survival game The Forest, released in 2018.
  • Developed by Canadian indie studio Endnight Games, published by Newnight.
  • Strands players alone on a remote, monster-filled peninsula. Scavenge, craft, build shelters, and unravel mysteries.
  • Utilizes stunning next-gen graphics with detailed character models, lush environments, real-time cut scenes, and advanced AI.
  • Currently announced only for PC on Steam, arriving February 23, 2023.

With rich immersive survival expeditions and a loyal fanbase eager to continue the story, Sons of the Forest seems primed for PlayStation success – if officially ported. But will that happen? Let’s examine the evidence.

Signs Pointing to a Possible PS5 Release

Here are the key factors fueling speculation that Sons of the Forest could arrive on PS5 eventually:

Hints from Developers in Interviews

In a 2022 interview, Endnight Games founder Ben Falcone suggested a PlayStation port is possible depending on their ability to optimize the game for consoles. The studio aims for accessibility across platforms.

The Forest Came to PS4

The original The Forest released on PS4 in 2018 to strong sales, proving PlayStation fans appetite for the franchise. Developers could tap into that established audience.

Utilizes Unreal Engine 5

Sons of the Forest is built in Epic’s Unreal Engine 5, which offers streamlined tools for deploying games on PlayStation 5 and taking advantage of its capabilities.

No Declared Xbox or PlayStation Exclusivity

With no exclusivity announced, Endnight Games has flexibility to release Sons of the Forest across multiple platforms as The Forest did.

Mass Console Appeal of Survival Games

The PS4 and PS5 have hosted various bestselling survival games like The Forest, ARK: Survival Evolved, Rust, and more. The genre has large console appeal that Sons of the Forest fits well.

The Developers Have Expanded

From just 4 people originally, Endnight Games has grown into a larger studio better equipped to handle multi-platform releases.

While not certain, these signs indicate a PS5 version of Sons of the Forest is within the realm of possibility. But how might the transition work?

What Would a PS5 Release Entail?

Releasing Sons of the Forest from PC onto PlayStation 5 would involve:

  • Optimizing performance – Scaling back graphical qualities and effects to accommodate the weaker PS5 hardware compared to high-end PCs. Likely reducing texture detail, NPCs on screen, draw distance, etc.
  • Control changes – Altering control scheme from mouse/keyboard to properly take advantage of the PS5 DualSense controller. Implement adaptive trigger and haptic feedback.
  • User interface overhaul – Redesigning menus, HUD, inventories to fit television and controller rather than PC monitors and mouse.
  • Localization – Translating text across UI and subtitles into multiple languages for international PS5 audience.
  • Certification process – Passing Sony’s technical certification and evaluation for PS5. Ensuring stability and policy conformance.
  • Distribution format – Offering boxed retail discs for sale, not just digital downloads. PlayStation fans prefer physical media options.

With smart adaptation and leveraging the PS5’s capabilities, Sons of the Forest could feel right at home on consoles alongside the PC version.

Estimated Sons of the Forest PS5 Release Date

Predicting a speculative release window, industry analysts suggest:

  • Late 2023 – If PS5 development starts soon after PC launch, a Q4 2023 release is feasible.
  • Early to Mid 2024 – A more likely PS5 target, allowing ample optimization time from the PC build.
  • Fall 2024 – Lines up with PS5 holiday season for maximum sales potential.

Of course, this assumes Sons of the Forest will happen for PS5. Until officially confirmed, any release window is merely speculation. But based on typical schedules, 2024 seems a plausible target.

What Could Delay or Prevent a PS5 Release?

While hopeful, Sons of the Forest coming to PlayStation 5 faces some potential hurdles:

  • Development challenges or delays – Porting issues could hamper a PS5 version timely.
  • Limited resources – Endnight Games remains an indie studio, restricting simultaneous multi-platform development.
  • Underwhelming PC reception – If Sons of the Forest fails to meet PC sales expectations, PS5 prospects dim.
  • Third-party exclusivity deals – Microsoft or Sony could pay to restrict Sons of the Forest from rival consoles.

Of course, this assumes Sons of the Forest will happen for PS5. Until officially confirmed, any release window is merely speculation. But based on typical schedules, 2024 seems a plausible target.

Why PS5 Is Ideal for Sons of the Forest

Beyond reaching more gamers, here’s why a tailored PS5 edition makes sense:

Power Advantage Over PS4

PS5’s GPU, CPU, and SSD offer massive gains over PS4 hardware, enabling smoother performance and faster loading even with graphical reductions from ultra PC settings.

Feature Set Enhancements

The PS5 DualSense controller unlocks more immersive gameplay with haptic trigger effects for weapon recoil, bow draws, tool usage, and environment sensations using adaptive triggers and haptic feedback.

Established PS5 Survival Game Audience

PS5 gamers have already shown appetite for survival games with strong sales of ARK: Survival Evolved, Rust Console Edition, The Forest, and more.

Opportunity for Cross-Play With PC

Sons of the Forest could potentially support cross-platform multiplayer between PC and PS5 players with accounts linked across platforms.

Releasing on PS5 leverages unique console advantages while aligning with Endnight Games’ broader accessibility goals.

What Could PS5-Specific Features Bring?

If optimized fully for PlayStation 5, Sons of the Forest could incorporate exclusive console advantages like:

DualSense Haptics

  • Bow draw tension conveyed in triggers
  • Weapon recoil rumbles
  • Rain, footsteps, and environment sensations

3D Audio

  • More immersive, directional sound effects
  • Hear enemy movements all around

Faster Loading with SSD

  • Near-instant loading entering buildings or new areas
  • Smoother streaming of terrain and textures

PS VR 2 Support

  • Experience the horrors in virtual reality (unconfirmed)
  • Enhanced immersion and connection to the environment

Activities Integration

  • Join friends, check objectives, and track progress through built-in PS5 Activities

DualSense Mic Input

  • Use natural voice chat without a headset
  • Enhanced multiplayer coordination

If realized, these PS5-specific perks would take Sons of the Forest gameplay to the next level.

Recommendations for PlayStation Release

To best translate Sons of the Forest to PS5, we recommend Endnight Games:

  • Maintain the immersive graphics, even if dialed back from ultra PC levels. Don’t compromise too far.
  • Include physical disc release at retail alongside digital download. Fans want options.
  • Support PS VR2 if technically feasible. The VR perspective would be incredible.
  • Implement DualSense haptics thoughtfully into gameplay for added immersion.
  • Maintain fluid frame rate over 60 FPS across the board. Polish performance obsessively.
  • Partner with Sony to cross-promote the game and provide PlayStation-centric support content.

Carefully optimizing Sons of the Forest while leveraging PS5 strengths would delight survival horror fans on console.

The Future Looks Bright for Expanded Availability

In conclusion, while not confirmed officially, momentum seems to be leading towards Sons of the Forest reaching PlayStation 5 consoles in the future based on:

  • Developer hints at wider platform aspirations
  • The success of The Forest on PS4 indicating PlayStation demand
  • Multiplatform publishing without declared exclusivity
  • Ideal technical and feature fit with the PS5’s capabilities

While patience is required, the PC launch of Sons of the Forest may be just the first step to bringing its immersive survival experience to console gamers. Cross your fingers PlayStation nation – the mysteries of the forest may call to you soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to common questions surrounding the speculation of a PS5 release for Sons of the Forest:

Q: Will Sons of the Forest be on PS5?

A: A PS5 version has not been officially confirmed yet, but seems likely based on developer comments, its predecessor’s PS4 launch, and strong multiplatform support for survival games.

Q: Does the Forest have a PS5 version?

A: No, but the original The Forest did release on PS4. Its success indicates PlayStation gamer interest in the franchise.

Q: Is Sons of the Forest fully released?

A: No, Sons of the Forest is currently announced only for PC on Steam, releasing February 23, 2023. PlayStation versions have not been confirmed.

Q: Will Outlast Trials come out on PS5?

A: The developer has stated Outlast Trials will launch on PS5 in addition to Xbox Series X/S and PC, but no set release date yet.

Q: Is Far Cry 5 available for PS5?

A: Yes, Far Cry 5 has PS5 backwards compatibility and received an enhanced patch adding 60 FPS support on PS5.

Q: Do I get Ghost of Tsushima on PS5?

A: Yes, you can play Ghost of Tsushima on PS5 via backwards compatibility, or purchase Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut for enhanced PS5 version with Iki Island expansion.


This article is speculative and contains unofficial theories about Sons of the Forest’s platform availability. There is no confirmed PS5 release for Sons of the Forest at this time. Any future ports are purely speculative. The content aims purely to analyze possibilities and does not represent the developer’s plans. Please look for official announcements from Endnight Games for verified platform details on Sons of the Forest.

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