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Are you unable to visit stream2watch and looking for stream2watch alternative? Well, you are not the only one facing this issue. Keep reading to get the solution.

Online streaming has become a major part of entertainment. People prefer watching sports matches on their mobile phones and other portable devices rather than sticking to the same seat in front of a television.

You might be a person with a day job or you maybe have college to go to. In both cases, you can not miss a day. But at the same time, you want to enjoy sports. So what can you do? Yes, Watch sports on sports streaming platforms anywhere!

This way you can keep up with your work and favorite matches at the same time. There are a lot of streaming platforms. This blog has gathered a list of the best streaming platforms. You can check them out below. All of them have unique features. You can read their brief description to identify the best fit for you.

What happened to Stream2Watch TV?

Stream2Watch is mainly a sports streaming platform used by millions of sports lovers around the globe. Stream2Watch boxing and Stream2Watch basketball channels are famous. 

Stream2Watch is not available in some countries and is banned because of copyright issues. That’s why people are unable to access it.

Best Stream2Watch alternative

Below we have mentioned a list of the best websites to watch TV channels and streams.

1. VIP League

VIP league is one of the best stream2watch alternatives. This website has the best interface. You can watch any sport you want. From Football, Rugby, Ice Hockey, Tennis, Boxing, and all other sports. You can also search for a game stream if you want. They have all the latest streams on their website. So do check it out.

2. Live TV

Live TV is another live streaming platform that allows you to watch all the quality sports content. It keeps you updated on the upcoming broadcasts so you don’t miss out. From FIFA to NFL, it doesn’t miss any stream. It is well known for its streaming services. This website is for US sports lovers. So if you are somebody who likes to watch NFL matches, check Live TV out.

3. First Row Sports

If you want to keep up with all the upcoming FIFA matches then First Row Sports would be a great fit for you. You can see all the upcoming matches with their streaming time. All kinds of sports are available on this website. It has a list of sports that you can watch. So do check it out.

4. MyP2P

MyP2P is a website that lets you enjoy all your favorite sports streams. This website allows you to select your time zone and then watch any sport stream. You can watch football, basketball, Boxing, Tennis and any sport that you can think of. This website has a nice interface and works perfectly. It is a great stream2watch alternative.

5. Stop Streams

Stop Stream is another great stream2watch alternative website to keep yourself updated. The interface of the website is great. You can see all the news for the upcoming matches with their timing. You can watch hockey, baseball, football, tennis, rugby, and all other mainstream sports. It is definitely a great choice for sports lovers.

6. Strike Out 

Another great stream2watch alternative is Strike Out. It is a well-designed website with all the necessary options available. You can find all the streams that you want. 

Whether you are an NBA, NFL, NHL, or MMA fan, you can go to the Strike Out website to watch the latest live stream matches. You can search for a match if you want. It is a nice website and a great website for sports entertainment.

7. VIP Box 

VIP Box is a great stream2watch alternative. It allows you to watch all the premium sports content online. You can select a time zone for a specific match. The VIP Box website is well organized and you can get your desired stream in a few clicks. Other than sports you can watch live TV shows and TV channels.

8. Sport Lemon

Sport Lemon is an amazing sports website with a lot of cool options. You can see the list of sports available on the website. You can watch sports stream from different countries. You can select your time zone and watch streams accordingly. 

You will see no lags or problems while you are enjoying your favorite live match stream. So don’t worry about any kind of disturbance. 

The interface of the website is nice and everything is on point. You will face no difficulties in navigating options. You should check it out at least once.

9. Sport RAR

Sport RAR is next on the list. With its amazing user interface, you will not feel bored while you are on the website. You can see updates about the upcoming matches with their respective timings. You can also see score card of the finished matches. This option is very nice and you can watch everything on a single website. 

Sports RAR is updated regularly for all upcoming matches. It is well-handled and works smoothly. It is definitely a nice stream2watch alternative.

10. Boss Cast 

Boss Cast is probably one of the oldest websites to watch live streams. It has a minimal interface but that still gives you the best experience. All the upcoming matches are listed on the website with timing. 

You can chat with other people watching the stream. A live chat option is a fun option that many websites don’t have. You can see other people enjoying the match. But there are some rules like no links, no bullying, no private information, etc. You have to follow these rules when you are talking with other people in live chat. 

Boss Cast has a schedule page where you can see all the schedules of upcoming matches. It is a great website and updates you about every match. 


It is the live sports season and many important matches are coming in. Stream2Watch is an amazing website to watch sports online. But unfortunately, it is not available in some countries. So in this blog, we have mentioned some of the best stream2watch alternative websites to watch live sports. We have discussed all of them with a brief description. You can check them out above.

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