Unleashing the Wrathborn: Destiny 2’s Corrupted Chimera Threat

Among the most vicious new foes Guardians face in Destiny 2 are the disturbing Wrathborn. Born from dark rituals, these chimera-like beasts unleash savage destruction throughout the solar system. With origins tied to the Hive goddess Savathûn and her coercion of Corsair leader Spider, the Wrathborn present a corrupted threat like no other.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll uncover everything there is to know about fighting Wrathborn, from their origins and abilities to strategies to defeat them. Whether you’re a veteran Destiny 2 raider or just starting your first strike, insight into these deadly new enemies will help you defend the Last City. Let’s delve into the chaos and mayhem of the Wrathborn!

Wrathborn Origins

Wrathborn come into being through a dark rite performed by Hive Witches on behalf of Savathûn. By infusing Taken energy into vulnerable creatures, the Witches transform and corrupt them into ferocious Wrathborn beasts under Savathûn’s control. Any creature can become Wrathborn, from Fallen and Cabal to Vex and even Guardians.

Savathûn coaxed Spider into facilitating Wrathborn creation, using his Wrathborn Hunts to spread chaos and distract Guardians from her true machinations. Drifter oversees Wrathborn hunts, tasking Guardians to track high-value targets. Unchecked, the Wrathborn could multiply into an unstoppable force.

Notable Wrathborn

Some distinctive named Wrathborn serve as deadly raid and strike bosses. Phry’zhia, Insatiable was one of the first Wrathborn, transformed from a Cabal commander into a raging beast. She serves as a Nightfall boss.

Xillox, the Gift-Giver is a huge ogre Wrathborn who tried giving Ether gifts to Eliksni houses before attacking them. He became a seasonal boss, spreading chaos until we ended his rampage.

Siregar, Frenzied carries out Savathûn’s will across dreaming city patrols as a massive knight. Drevis, Ashen Witch corrupts creatures into Wrathborn. Defeating these powerful entities disrupts Savathûn’s plans.

Wrathborn Types and Abilities

Savathûn’s corruption twists creatures into deadly new Wrathborn forms with a mix of Taken abilities.

Some Wrathborn Corrupted (formerly Scorn) fire explosive rounds rapidly. Ruinous Wrathborn (ex Cabal) are brutes protected by void shields that smash the ground and charge. Blighted Wrathborn (ex Hive) spread projectile poison blights that burn away health.

All Wrathborn gain enhanced speed, resilience, and ferocity. Their choreographed attacks can quickly overwhelm unaware fireteams. But learning their corrupted powers provides the knowledge to overcome.

Specialized Wrathborn Hunts

Drifter offers Wrathborn Hunt bounties to track down elite champions across open world patrols. Using Cryptolith Lure charges, you can hunt specialized Wrathborn like vengeful Fallen Captains, rampaging Hive, and warped Vex abominations.

The Lure can be upgraded to customize targeting parameters like difficulty, location, and combat modifiers. Defeating hunt Wrathborn grants unique gear like the Witherhoard grenade launcher and Cry Mutations. This satisfying endgame loop provides engaging replayability.

Overcoming the Corruption

While diverse in type and ability, all Wrathborn share common weaknesses. Kinetic and energy weapons help chip away at health. Without shields, they remain vulnerable to continuous fire.

Wrathborn lash out aggressively but can be kept at range to avoid devastating strikes in melee range. When they shield or prepare big attacks, concentrate fire to interrupt and stagger them. Targeting weak points like heads and power cores increases precision damage.

As fireteams, call out coordinated focuses to quickly overwhelm Wrathborn before their attacks escalate. With teamwork and smart play, these corrupted beings will fall.


The Wrathborn stand as deadly reminders of Savathûn’s corrupting influence across the solar system. Born through dark rituals, their diversity in origin yet shared chaos will challenge all Guardians. But by uncovering their abilities and bringing coordinated fire, we can overcome the Wrathborn threat. Stay vigilant, track their elite champions, and restore order amidst the chaos. The Last City is counting on you, Guardian.

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Wrathborn in Destiny 2:

Q: What are Wrathborn exactly?

A: Wrathborn are creatures corrupted by Hive magic into savage monsters under Savathûn’s control, infused with Taken energy.

Q: Where do you fight Wrathborn enemies?

A: Wrathborn can be found across open world areas, public events, hunts, strikes and raids on various destinations.

Q: Who is involved in the origins of Wrathborn?

A: Savathûn, Spider, Hive Witches, and Drifter all play key roles in the emergence and spreading of the Wrathborn forces.

Q: What types of Wrathborn are there?

A: Many variants exist based on the corrupted creature type, including Cabal, Fallen, Hive, Vex, and some Guardian Wrathborn.

Q: What are some notable Wrathborn bosses?

A: Phry’zhia, Insatiable, Xillox, Gift-Giver, Siregar, Frenzied, and Drevis, Ashen Witch are major Wrathborn enemies.

Q: How can you defeat Wrathborn effectively?

A: Team fire concentrated on interrupting their attacks, avoiding melee range, and targeting weak points works best to counter them.

Q: What is the Cryptolith Lure used for?

A: The Lure charges allow for specialized Wrathborn hunts across destinations to hunt unique targets.

Q: What gear is earned from Wrathborn Hunts?

A: Hunt rewards include weapons like Witherhoard grenade launcher, Cry Mutations, and more.

Q: Who gives the Wrathborn hunt bounties?

A: The Drifter offers daily and weekly Wrathborn hunt bounties to track down dangerous targets.

Q: How long have Wrathborn been in Destiny 2?

A: Wrathborn were introduced in the Season of the Hunt in late 2020 and have remained formidable enemies since.

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